Month: September 1970

Ethics Opinion 153

NEW YORK STATE BAR ASSOCIAT’ION Professional Ethics Committee Opinion Opinion # 153 – 09/08/1970 (38-70) Topic: Advise to Client Digest: Lawyer has duty to advise client of reputation of person with whom client is about to do business Code: EC 2-26; EC 2-32; DR 2-110 (C) (1) (e); EC 5-1; EC 7-8 QUESTION Does an … Continued

Ethics Opinion 152

NEW YORK STATE BAR ASSOCIATION Professional Ethics Committee Opinion Opinion #152 – 09/08/1970 (32-70) appearance, criminal practice, partnership, part-time public, prosecutors, public Topic: Conflict of Interest Appearance of Impropriety District Attorneys Digest: Assistant district attorney’s firm representing a defendant in another county Code: Canon 9, DR 9-101, EC 9-2 QUESTION An assistant district attorney is … Continued