Month: January 2001

Opinion 735

NEW YORK STATE BAR ASSOCIATION Opposing party Committee on Professional Ethics Opinion #735 (01/12/2001)  Topic:         Communications in noncriminal matters with independent contractors of adverse parties Digest:       Lawyer in civil litigation may properly communicate with independent contractor of adverse corporate party unless lawyer knows independent contractor has retained counsel in the matter or, under the … Continued

Opinion 736

Opinion 736 (1/3/01) Mediation Modifies:  N.Y. State 258 (1972) Topic: Mediation; matrimonial matters Digest: Lawyer mediator may not draft and file separation agreement and divorce papers on behalf of spouses as joint clients unless the lawyer can satisfy the “disinterested lawyer” test of DR 5-105(C) Code: DR 5-101(A), DR 5-105(A) & (C), EC-5, 20 QUESTIONS … Continued