Month: July 2001

Juror Excuses Heard Around the State

Over the years, commissioners of jurors have heard members of jury pools express a wide range of “reasons” why they could not serve as jurors. The following is a compendium of memorable, and frequently creative, explanations the commissioners have heard. Montgomery County A woman asked to be excused because her 17-year-old cat had cancer and … Continued

Opinion 746

NEW YORK STATE BAR ASSOCIATION Clients, competency, guardian, power of attorney Committee on Professional Ethics Opinion #746 – 07/18/2001 Topic:     Representing incapacitated client; petitioning for appointment of guardian; attorney?in?fact under durable power of attorney; representation of oneself as attorney-in-fact/petitioner Digest:    Lawyer serving as client’s attorney?in?fact may not petition for appointment of guardian without client’s consent … Continued

Opinion 745

NEW YORK STATE BAR ASSOCIATION Conflict of interest, fees Committee on Professional Ethics Opinion #745 – 07/18/2001Topic:      Conflict of Interest; referral fee Digest:       A lawyer who is disqualified from a matter on non-consentable conflict of interest grounds may not receive a referral fee.   A lawyer with a consentable conflict of interest who nevertheless refers … Continued