Month: May 2011

Ethics Opinion 867

Topic:     Simultaneous representation of lender and seller in residential real estate transaction

Ethics Opinion 870

Topic:   Non-exclusive referral agreement between lawyer and nonlawyer debt reduction company; contingent legal fee based on the amount of debt reduction lawyer obtains for clients.

Ethics Opinion 868

Topic: Concurrent representation of corporation and sole shareholder, director and officer.

Ethics Opinion 866

Topic:      Disclosure of confidential information to prevent reasonably certain death or substantial bodily harm or to prevent a crime; confidential information acquired after termination of representation

Ethics Opinion 865

Topic:   Estate planner serving as attorney for executor; conflict of interest; legal malpractice

Ethics Opinion 864

Topic: Fee sharing and co-counsel arrangements with a lawyer not licensed in New York; disclosure in retainer and closing statements

Ethics Opinion 863

Topic: Out-of-state lawyer’s practice of immigration law in New York State; disclosing jurisdictional and practice area limitations on letterhead and business cards.