Month: February 2014

February 5, 2014: New York State Bar Association President Schraver Supports Funding for Judiciary, Legal Services and more Family Court Judges

New York State Bar Association President David M. Schraver today urged state lawmakers to approve the proposed Judiciary budget to help alleviate logjams now faced by New Yorkers seeking their “day in court.” “The Judiciary’s budget request reflects a balancing between constitutional duty to ensure access to justice for all New Yorkers and the obligation … Continued

February 4, 2014: Civics Should Be An Educational Priority, New York State Bar Association Says

Citing “a shocking level of decline” in Americans’ understanding of the framework of our democracy, the New York State Bar Association today urged the state Board of Regents, Legislature, Governor and others to make the teaching of civics in our schools “an educational priority on par with reading and mathematics.” “Preserving the fundamental civic mission … Continued