Month: March 2014

Ethics Opinion 1002

Topic:       Lawyer’s ethical obligations when in possession of lawfully obtained wills containing confidential information in which unknown third parties have an interest

Ethics Opinion 1001

Topic:      Sale of Third-Party Advertising in Law Firm Brochures and Rules Governing Advertising Brochures with Educational Content

Ethics Opinion 1000

Topic:       Payment of Legal Fees by a Non-Client Whose Interests Could Be Adverse to the Lawyer’s Client

March 19, 2014: More Family Court Judges Are Needed To Improve Well-Being of Children, Says New York State Bar Association

As the state budget deadline approaches, the New York State Bar Association urges lawmakers to consider how the lives of thousands of children are affected by a shortage of Family Court judges, who hear cases about child abuse, adoption, foster care, paternity, financial support and custody. “Sadly, children’s lives are put on hold while too … Continued