Month: October 2014

Ethics Opinion 1031

Topic:  Specialization; Use of term “specialist” in the title of a job held by a lawyer that a nonlawyer may lawfully perform

October 29, 2014: New York State Bar Association Publishes Book On Contract Law For Non-New York Attorneys

Lawyers in Japan, Brazil, Germany and elsewhere, when drafting contracts involving complex commercial transactions, often stipulate that the contracts will be governed by New York State law. A new book, New York Contract Law: A Guide for Non-New York Attorneys will help international lawyers—and practitioners in the United States who are not located in New … Continued

October 16, 2014: New York State Bar Association Co-Hosts Seminar Highlighting Shifts In The Entertainment Industry

As technology rapidly transforms the how, when and where we consume entertainment, business models and application of copyright law continue to evolve and adapt. The New York State Bar Association and CMJ Music Marathon are offering well-timed guidance on how to navigate the ever-changing landscape. On October 24, the State Bar Association’s Entertainment Arts & … Continued