Month: December 2014

Ethics Opinion 1041

Topic:  Foreign jurisdiction (practice in); Choice of law, partnership with non-lawyer

December 12, 2014: New York State Bar President Sends Governor Cuomo Ratings Of Candidates For Court Of Appeals Vacancy

New York State Bar Association Glenn Lau-Kee  has sent a letter to Governor Andrew Cuomo with the association’s ratings for the seven candidates under consideration for associate judge of the New York State Court of Appeals. The Governor must designate his choice between January 1 and January 15, 2015. The nominee then must be confirmed … Continued

Ethics Opinion 1037

Topic:  Limiting means used to pursue client’s objectives; conduct prejudicial to administration of justice; status hearing

December 3, 2014: Proposed Judiciary Budget Promotes Access to Justice, New York State Bar Association President Glenn Lau-Kee Says

“The proposed Judiciary budget enhances public access to New York’s court system,” New York State Bar Association President Glenn Lau-Kee said today. The Judiciary submitted its spending plan for the fiscal year beginning April 1, 2015 to the Legislature and Governor Cuomo on December 1. If approved, the budget would: • Provide $70 million—including an … Continued