Month: November 2015

November 18, 2015: New York Should Modernize its Election Process, Urges the New York State Bar Association

The New York State Bar Association today called for modernizing the state’s voter registration process and allowing New Yorkers to cast ballots a few days before the traditional Election Day. Testifying before the Assembly Committee on Election Law, State Bar President David P. Miranda called voting “one of our most fundamental rights.” “However, the rate … Continued

Ethics Opinion 1074

Topic:  Conflict of interest; part-time lawyers working for a Department of Social Services

Ethics Opinion 1073

Topic: Conflict of interest; defense attorneys serving on a District Attorney’s conviction integrity committee

November 13, 2015: New York State Bar Association Calls on State Government to Prepare Now for Statewide Vote on State Constitution in 2017

The people of New York will decide in 2017 whether to hold a constitutional convention to examine if state government needs to be overhauled. In advance of that vote, the New York State Bar Association urges state officials to create a preparatory commission, as they have done in the past. “Parts of the state Constitution … Continued