Month: October 2018

The Chair of NYSBAs New Women in Law Section Talks About #MeToo

EPISODE SUMMARY: Susan Harper, Managing Director NY/NJ, Bates Group, and David discuss women’s rights issues in the context of history and the present-day #MeToo movement. While noting “blips” in progress, Harper is optimistic, seeing #MeToo as a pivotal point that has inspired women to be more active in everything from politics to the workplace.

October 26, 2018: State Bar Association Honors Legal Service Volunteers Committed To Helping New Yorkers In Need

The New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) honored five volunteers and two legal service providers for their commitment to pro bono service at an awards ceremony hosted by the New York County Lawyers’ Association on Thursday night. “Pro bono service volunteers are an invaluable asset to any legal service provider, “said NYSBA President Michael Miller. … Continued

Responding to Zero Tolerance Immigration Policy

EPISODE SUMMARY: Camille Mackler, director of immigration legal policy at the New York Immigration Coalition, and Sarah Rogerson, professor of law and director of Albany Law School’s Immigration Law Clinic, talk with David about bringing legal services to the more than 300 asylum-seeking refugees abruptly transferred to the Albany County jail in summer 2018 by … Continued

Rule of Law | with Lesley Rosenthal and Hank Greenberg

EPISODE SUMMARY: Lesley Rosenthal, chief operating officer of the Juilliard School, and Hank Greenberg, partner at Greenberg Traurig, join David for a lively – and timely – discussion about the rule of law, the bedrock of a free and democratic society. At its essence, the rule of law provides that no one is above the … Continued

A Nomination to the Supreme Court with Vincent Bonventre

EPISODE SUMMARY: Vincent Bonventre, the Justice Robert H. Jackson Distinguished Professor at Albany Law School, talks to David about the roots of today’s hyper-partisan Supreme Court nomination battles, discusses the myth of constitutional “originalism,” and dispels the notion that a time existed when politics were not the chief motivator for a Court nomination.

October 5, 2018: State Bar Association Approves International Section’s Latin American Council Ethics Guidelines

The New York State Bar Association’s (NYSBA) Executive Committee has approved Ethics Best Practice Guidelines for Latin America and the Caribbean. Produced by the Latin American Council of NYSBA’s International Law Section, these ethics guidelines are designed to promote uniformity of ethical commitments and expectations for lawyers and law firms working across national borders in the … Continued

October 4, 2018: Statement from State Bar Association President Michael Miller Regarding Recent Changes in Poland’s Judicial System

New York State Bar Association President Michael Miller issued the following statement today: “Throughout its 141-year history, the New York State Bar Association has been staunchly committed to the rule of law and fundamental principles of justice, including an independent and impartial judiciary, equal treatment for all under the law, and the right of every … Continued