Month: November 2021

Jury Trials Return to Pre-Pandemic Levels

Chief Judge Janet DiFiore announced today, in her biweekly update, that 200 jury trials were scheduled in our courts statewide, in addition to hundreds of nonjury bench trials — numbers not seen since before the pandemic.

More than a Contest: A Mission

Judge, professor, author, visionary, advocate for civic education, and initiator of the “Justice for All: Courts and Community” project, Judge Robert A. Katzmann will continue to be honored with the creation of the Judge Robert A. Katzmann Memorial Essay Contest.

Ethics Opinion 1232

Topic: Attorney advertising Digest: A lawyer who contacts a medical fertility clinic to request to be included on the clinic’s website as a lawyer who practices in the area of assisted reproduction is engaged in attorney advertising, but not solicitation. Rules: 7.1, 7.2, 7.3 FACTS: 1. The inquiring lawyer would like to contact a medical … Continued