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A Good Year To Be a 2L

As a 2L, I understood the demands of law school and had developed skills and strategies to cope with the stress and to succeed. The things that had worried me as a 1L seemed much less daunting as I returned to campus in September. Then came the COVID-19 pandemic.

Attorney Professionalism Forum – June/July 2020

To the Forum: I am the managing partner of a general practice law firm of approximately 40 lawyers and 20 staff members. In response to the ongoing pandemic, all firm employees are required to work from home. While the safety of the firm’s employees is always a top priority, our management team has concerns about … Continued

The Time for Remote Co-op Closings Has Arrived

In the post-New York on Pause / pre-vaccine world that we may soon be entering, managing agents and cooperative apartment corporation boards should offer remote apartment closings as an option, if not the norm.