The Committee on Cannabis Law is charged with serving as the New York State Bar Association’s focal point for the evolving legal status of Cannabis at both the state and federal level. Cannabis law is perhaps one of the fastest growing yet complex areas of the law that poses a broad spectrum of challenges. This Committee seeks to help NYSBA lawyers give their clients better advice through sharing educational resources, and otherwise helping New York set the highest possible legal and business (including advice to medical professionals) standards for legalized Cannabis products.

To help expand the reach of the Committee on Cannabis Law to the entire NYSBA membership, some of our committee members have volunteered to be NYSBA Section Liaisons for the committee.  Please feel free to contact your Section’s liaison from the list below to learn how you can get involved in the committee and its activities.

Business Law Section – Glenn J. Witecki, Esq.
Corporate Counsel Section – Lee Williams, Esq.
Criminal Justice Section – John Joseph Montes, Esq.
Elder Law and Special Needs Section – Jeffrey A. Asher, Esq.
Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Section – Diane Krausz, Esq.
Environmental and Energy Law Section – Telisport W. Putsavage, Esq.
Executive Committee – Jonathan B. Behrins, Esq.
Food, Drug & Cosmetic Law Section – Brian J. Malkin, Esq. and Thomas J. Schultz, Esq.
General Practice Section – Elisa Strassler Rosenthal, Esq.
Health Law Section – Sandra Jensen, Esq.Noah B. Potter, Esq. and Jay B. Silverman, Esq.
Intellectual Property Law Section – Robert Laurence Greenberg, Esq.
International Law Section – Jose Alberto Campos, Esq. 
Labor and Employment Law Section – Alyson Matthews, Esq.Geoffrey A. Mort, Esq. and Samuel Sverdlov, Esq. 
Real Property Law Section – Aleece E. Burgio, Esq.
Tax Section – Jason Klimek, Esq.
Trusts and Estates Law Section – Regina Kiperman, Esq. 
Young Lawyers Section – Michael James Sullivan, Esq. 

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