The Coordinated Conduct Committee is a new Committee of the NYSBA Antitrust Law Section. The Committee will cover a range of legal developments relating to both horizontal and vertical anticompetitive conduct. The Committee will hold informational panels, including CLE panels, and periodic meetings to discuss new developments in the law. The Committee is currently welcoming new members.

The NYSBA Antitrust Section Coordinated Conduct Committee helps connect practitioners and serves as a resource for them to keep current on recent developments. The committee focuses on the fields of monopolization and vertical agreements or mergers, and the ways that they can blend with horizontal analysis. Topics and areas of interest include resale price maintenance, most favored nations clauses, franchising, and hub and spoke conspiracies.

The committee holds periodic meetings, events, and CLEs where members share ideas and get valuable training and insight for their practice. It offers many ways to become a more active participant of the NYSBA, including speaking and writing opportunities through committee-sponsored events and publications. Above all, the committee is a network of practitioners seeking to develop relationships with one another and be engaged in open dialogue about the practice of law. Practitioners and law students are encouraged to reach out to an existing member and learn more about getting involved with this growing committee.

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