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Corporate Counsel Section Executive Committee

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Committee Roster

Mr. Mitchell F. Borger, Esq.

Immediate Past Chair,Elected Member

Mr. Steven G. Nachimson, Esq.

Elected Member

Ms. Joy D. Echer, Esq.

Chair,Co-Chairperson-Membership,Elected Member

Mr. Howard S. Shafer, Esq.

Co-Chairperson-Cle & Meetings,Elected Member

Mr. Steven R. Schoenfeld, Esq.

Elected Member

Mr. Michael E. Kreitman, Esq.

Elected Member

Ms. Barbara M. Levi, Esq.

Chairperson-Pro Bono,Elected Member

Ms. Anne S. Atkinson, Esq.

Elected Member

Mr. Mark Arthur Berman, Esq.

Executive Committee Liaison

Mr. Gregory H. Hoffman, Esq.

Elected Member

Mr. Anthony B. Radin, Esq.

Elected Member

Mr. David S. Rothenberg, Esq.

Elected Member

Ms. Elizabeth Jean Shampnoi, Esq.

Delegate, House Of Delegates,Chairperson-Publication/Inside,Elected Member,Liaison From Dispute Resolution Section

Ms. Katherine Suchocki, Esq.

Mailing Purposes Only


Mr. Sanoj Stephen, Esq.

Secretary,Co-Chairperson-Cle & Meetings,Elected Member

Ms. Yamicha Stephenson, Esq.

Chair-Elect,Alternate Delegate, House Of Delegates,Chairperson, Diversity Internship

Ms. Jillian Petrera

Elected Member

Ms. Naomi K. Hills, Esq.


Mr. Mark Belkin, Esq.

Chairperson, Technolody & New Media,Elected Member

Mr. Kenneth Joseph Zweig, Esq.

Elected Member

Ms. Miya T. Owens, Esq.

Vice-Chairperson,Elected Member

Ms. Evette Antoinette Stair, Esq.

Elected Member

Ms. Sally Kolwaite Bratten, Esq.

Cle Staff Liaison


Mr. Thomas A. Reed, Esq.

Co-Chairperson-Membership,Elected Member

Mr. David B. Perlman

Delegate, House Of Delegates,Elected Member

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