The work of the Committee on ADR within Government Agencies, chaired by Christopher Man Kwok and Cheryl R. Howard, is focused on the use of alternatives to litigation and/or trial of disputes with federal, state, and local agencies and municipalities, including (but not limited to) disputes involving zoning, environmental, and similar issues. Such alternatives include but are not limited to arbitration and mediation. According to current statistics, a total of approximately 200,000 lawsuits are filed each year throughout the United States by or against governmental entities at the federal, state and local levels. Countless other disputes of this type are resolved prior to litigation. Hence, there is an enormous opportunity for expanding the use of ADR into these areas.

Currently, there is an ongoing project within this Committee, which has received inputs from related Committees on arbitration, legislation and ADR in the Courts, dealing with proposed legislation and court rules for the introduction of plaintiff-initiated, court-mandated, forum-administered arbitration of civil actions against the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia filed for judicial review of adverse administrative decisions of the agency. If enacted, such legislation could serve as a template for similar legislation in other government agency litigation contexts.

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Committee Roster

Mr. Simeon H. Baum, Esq.

Resolve Mediation Services Inc.

Mr. Richard D. Newmark, Esq.

New York City Housing Authority

Mr. Robert S. Zuckerman

Ms. Joan D. Hogarth, Esq.

The Law Office of Joan D Hogarth

Ms. Cheryl R. Howard

CUNY School of Law

Mr. Mauricio Gomm Santos, Esq.


Mr. Ned Kassman, Esq.

Mr. Arthur Herbert Rosenbloom, Esq.

Consilium ADR LLC Ellenoff Grossman & Schole

Ms. Susan Bloom Jones

Charles M. Newman, Esq.

Charles M. Newman Law, Mediation & Arbitration

Mr. John Wilkinson, Esq.

Fulton, Rowe & Hart

Mr. Richard E. Lutringer, Esq.

Ms. Elizabeth Jean Shampnoi, Esq.

Shampnoi Dispute Resolution & Management Services, Inc.

Ms. Marcia L. Adelson

Mr. Giulio Zanolla, Esq.

Mr. Bryan Joseph Branon

Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law

Ms. Abigail Levy, Esq.

NYC Office of Collective Bargaining

Ms. Jamie C. Abrams, Esq.

Bass & Abrams PC

Dr. Charles E. Miller

Leichtman Law PLLC

Amir Khedmati

Mr. John A Owens Jr.

New York State Unified Court System

Mr. Nelson Edward Timken, Esq.

Nelson Edward Timken, Esq.

Ms. Myrna A. Barakat, Esq.

Ms. Marcy Einhorn, Esq.


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