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Labr: Membership

The Membership Committee works alone and in conjunction with Section leadership and other Section committees to develop and implement best practices, strategies and programs to recruit new members and retain existing members. The Committee works to accomplish these goals by improving communications to members, studying demographic information to ensure a diverse Section, assisting in the development and implementation of a Mentorship program, establishing initiatives to attract new members, recommending new programs and services and developing means for enhancing Section benefits.

Committee Chair:

  • Alyssa L. Zuckerman, Lamb & Barnosky, LLP

Online Community

Committee Roster

Mr. Mark H. Leeds, Esq.

Mr. Terence M. O'Neil, Esq.

Mr. Ronald G. Dunn, Esq.

Gleason Dunn Walsh & O'Shea

Mr. Philip L. Maier, Esq.

Mr. Donald L. Sapir, Esq.

Ms. Mairead E. Connor, Esq.

Ms. Jennifer A. Clark, Esq.

Blitman & King LLP

Mr. William D. Frumkin, Esq.

Ms. Alyssa L. Zuckerman, Esq.


Samantha Ariel Karp, Esq.

Mr. Steven T. Sledzik

Mr. Michael Tiliakos, Esq.


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