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Real Property Professionalism

The Professionalism Committee’s goal – not surprisingly – is to encourage professionalism and ethical conduct. The Committee seeks to achieve that goal by, among other things, disseminating information with respect to ethics and professionalism (including by arranging for the circulation of opinions of interest and providing summaries of selected opinions); monitoring the case law, ethics opinions and changes in rules with respect to ethics and professionalism; fostering a dialogue between attorneys, the bench, and regulators with respect to ethics and professionalism; and presenting (or assisting other Committees in presenting) continuing legal education programs with respect to ethics and professionalism.

Over the past few years the Committee has circulated summaries of ethics opinions involving the following issues: whether a lawyer working from home must display his or her address on his/her website, whether “introducing” clients and/or non-clients is a “legal” service (which trips all the usual ethics considerations, including conflict of interest), and whether a lawyer may accept a fee from a broker for referring a client to the broker (even if the fee is credited against the client’s attorneys’ fees).

Are you moral? Are you ethical? Are they the same? Join this Committee to keep up with the most recent ethics opinions, and find out. The Committee is not a lot of work – it holds occasional telephone conferences to discuss opinions – and welcomes all who wish to participate.

Committee membership is open to members of the Real Property Law Section.

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Committee Roster

Mrs. Sarah (croak) Phillips

Ms. Michelle H. Wildgrube

Mr. James J. Freeman Jr., Esq.

Mr. Peter V. Coffey, Esq.

Mr. Harold C. Hanson, Esq.

Mr. John P. Sindoni, Esq.

Mr. Abraham B. Krieger

Mr. Gordon E. Thompson, Esq.

Coughlin & Gerhart, LLP

Mr. Gregory P. Pressman

Ms. Anne Reynolds Copps, Esq.

Mr. Juan Trillo, Esq.

Ms. Denise P. Ward, Esq.

Ms. Ann J. Casey, Esq.

Mr. Thomas J. Hall, Esq.

Mr. John E. Jones, Esq.

Hinman Howard & Kattell, LLP

Mr. Frank C. Sarratori, Esq.

Mr. Joseph D. DeSalvo, Esq.

Mr. James R. Columbo Jr., Esq.

Mr. Richard Collins Engel, Esq.

Mackenzie Hughes LLP

Ms. Jennifer M. Boll, Esq.

Mr. James P. Godman, Esq.

Kramer Levin Naftalis & Frankel LLP

Ms. Lisa M. Zana, Esq.

Ms. Patricia E. Watkins, Esq.


Bartlett, Pontiff, Stewart & Rhodes PC

Ms. Nancy A. Connery, Esq.


Schoeman, Updike & Kaufman

Mr. Darren Levin

Mr. Leon T. Sawyko, Esq.

Ms. Stephanie L. Hanrahan

Ms. Mariana Olenko, Esq.

Mr. Michael James Barone Jr., Esq.

Ms. Heather C.M. Rogers, Esq.

Davidson Fink LLP

Mr. Leo Stanton Towne

Mr. Seth I. Feldman

Mr. Lewis C. Taishoff, Esq.

Mr. Mark F. Snider, Esq.

Mr. William E. Myers, Esq.

Mr. Patrick E. Martin, Esq.

Mr. Christian Zebicoff

Mr. William F. Keenan, Esq.

Mr. Christopher Thomas Laizure-Metz, Esq.

Ms. Michele Ann Luzio, Esq.

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