The Task Force on Rural Justice shall examine the current state of rural law practice in New York. Topics of investigation will include the impact of rural attorney shortages on access-to-justice, challenges in delivering legal services in rural areas, and the unique practice needs of rural practitioners. The Task Force will make recommendations for potential changes in law and public policy and will identify viable solutions to support rural law practice and greater access-to-justice in New York’s rural communities.

Report of the Task Force on Rural Justice

Approved by the House of Delegates on April 4, 2020

The report and recommendations of the Task Force on Rural Justice was adopted at the April 4, 2020 meeting of the House of Delegates.

The House of Delegates at its meeting on July 27, 2020 also adopted a resolution calling on the State of New York to to prioritize and appropriate funding sufficient toprovide affordable high speed broadband access to all corners of New York State, with emphasis and urgency on rural areas.

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