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Youn: Committee Chairs

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Committee Roster

Ms. Anne Louise LaBarbera, Esq.

Chair, Bylaws Committee

Mrs. Lauren E. Sharkey

Chair, Task Force On Law Student Debt

Mr. Terrence Lee Tarver, Esq.

Co-Chair, Trial Academy

Ms. Leona Krasner

Electronically In Touch Associate Editor

Ms. Norina A. Melita, Esq.

Co-Chair, Communications,Electronically In Touch Co-Editor

Mr. Michael Drew DiFalco

Chair, Long-Range Planning,Co-Chair, Trial Academy

Ms. Kara J. Buonanno, Esq.

Co-Chair, Community Service And Pro Bono

Ms. Josephine M. Bahn, Esq.

Chair, Membership,Co-Chair, Law Student Development

Mr. Brandon Lee Wolff, Esq.

Chair, Nominating

Ms. Ruchama Leah Cohen

Co-Chair, Community Service And Pro Bono

Julie T. Houth, Esq.

Electronically In Touch Co-Editor

Ms. Mansi Parikh

Electronically In Touch Co-Editor,Perspective Co-Editor,Co-Chair, Communications

Niki Backos

Co-Chair, Law Student Development

Mr. Camilo A. Romero, Esq.

Chair, Mentor Program

Nandy Adanna Millette, Esq.

Chair, Diversity

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