The New York State Bar Association’s Governmental Relations department is an integral part of the core mission and activities of the Association. The department works closely with the Continuing Legal Education (CLE), press, and membership departments as well as the many Sections, Committees and Task Forces of the Bar.

The department interacts with the Executive and Legislative branches of state government in Albany, as well as Congress and the Administration in Washington, D.C. to advocate for the legislative priorities of the Association. The legislative priorities are developed in consultation the Legislative Policy Committee, with input with the Association’s Task Forces, Sections and Committees.

NYSBA members have unique insight into the practice of law that can meaningfully shape state and federal policy. The department serves as a resource for those members looking to get involved in the legislative process in the following ways:

  • Assists sections and committees in recommending a policy issue to be adopted as an Association-wide state or federal legislative priority;
  • Provides key stakeholders and elected officials with support or oppositional memoranda drafted by sections and committees commenting on pending legislation;
  • Assists sections and committees in developing affirmative legislative proposals, a new piece of legislation;
  • Facilitates communication between members, and the legislative and executive branches;
  • Tracks and notifies members of legislation that is relevant to their practice area, and
  • Serves as a general resource regarding NYSBA’s legislative procedure and the state and federal legislative process.

Process for Commenting on Legislation

Sections and Committees of the Association are permitted to comment in support of or in opposition to existing legislation and may also recommend affirmative legislative proposals to the Association Executive Committee to adopt as policy of the Association. The Department of Governmental Relations has provided the following materials to outline this process. Please note that the sample memorandum does not have the required disclosures nor letterhead. These are added by the Department after it has reviewed and approved the draft memoranda.

Governmental Relations Update

Legislation and CLEs

Occasionally, the Department of Governmental Relations will collaborate on CLE programs explaining the impact of recently enacted legislation.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

Association Policy

NYSBA periodically creates and publishes policy documents with a legislative proposal that are available to the public on a broad range of issues.

The Department of Governmental Relations is located at the New York State Bar Center, One Elk Street, Albany, New York 12207. The Department is run by Director of Policy, Hilary Jochmans; Assistant Director of Governmental Relations, Adriel Colon-Casiano, and Governmental Relations Associate, Cheyenne Burke. For more information, please contact our Governmental Relations team at (518) 487-5518 or by emailing a contact:

Hilary Jochmans | Policy Director | [email protected]

Adriel Colon-Casiano, Esq. | Assistant Director of Governmental Relations | [email protected]

Cheyenne Burke, Esq. | Governmental Relations Associate | [email protected]