Message From the Chair

By Jessica Parker

Message From the Chair

As the needs of businesses keep changing, so do those of our Business Law Section members and we, your section officers and Executive Committee, remain focused on helping business lawyers to keep their clients abreast of the continually changing legal landscape.

Our CLE and educational programming have been, and will be, robust and diverse. The section quickly jumped in to organize a discussion around the bank failures last spring and addressed the Corporate Transparency Act early on. Our committees established a number of topical CLEs, including a series of panels specific to the business of nonprofits, i.e., registration, formation, and organizational documentation drafting as well as those on financial regulation, securities litigation and regulatory enforcement, cyber risks for attorneys, ESG litigation, and ADR in business.

The section has been hard at work following and advocating for and against changes of law that will affect New York businesses such as the LLC Transparency Act and the Noncompete Bill. Our Legislative Committee continues to work closely with NYSBA staff members and other sections and committees to monitor proposed legislation and assess its impact on the businesses of our clients.

The NY Business Law Journal is always a robust and scholarly discussion on various topics of interest to practitioners in the area of business law. The most recent issue includes the following articles: “Removing Impediments to Franchising in New York,” “Attorney-Client Privilege, Incentive Based Compensation: Understanding the New Clawback Rules,” and “Key Litigation Risks and Management Strategies for Non-U.S. Companies listed in the U.S.,” among other topics.

In addition to working to support New York businesses, we continue to work to support the personal development, growth, and career support needs of our section members and of law students aspiring toward a career in business law. Our Diversity Committee has established a mentoring program, fellowship program, and a speakers bureau. We encourage all section members to participate in one of more of these great programs, whether as a beneficiary or a supporter. We continue to host the Student Writing Competition which provides LL.M. and J.D. candidate the opportunity to receive a cash prize as well as the possibility of publication in our esteemed Business Law Journal. Our Membership Committee continues to develop benefits and activities to meet the needs of our members. We are going to be eliciting ideas from you, our members, more directly with a planned membership outreach survey, which we intend to distribute around NYSBA’s Annual Meeting.

But please do not wait for that to provide us with your suggestions. We are always looking for fresh ideas for networking opportunities, CLE topics and speakers, journal articles and authors, legislative advocacy needs, or otherwise as well as for people interested in getting more involved with the leadership of the section. We encourage you to visit the section’s webpage the view upcoming programming, access to Journal articles, lists of our section’s committees and their chairs and activities, as well as information on how to get involved with the writing competition or any of the efforts of our Diversity Committee. We look forward to your continued involvement and supporting your needs as a business law practitioner in New York State.