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A Critical Review Of MHL Article 81 2019

A Critical Review Of MHL Article 81 2019

Total Credit: 6.5 Professional Practice
Intended to supplement the basic guardianship training course, this program will provide practical advice to the Article 81 Guardianship practitioner enabling them to face the current challenges facing the practice and continue to meet the needs and protect the rights of (alleged) incapacitated persons. Seasoned counsel will discuss the current factors creating challenges to meeting client needs, a historical perspective of guardianship practice, whether non-lawyers should be appointed as evaluators as well as practical advice and best practice tips.  A judicial roundtable will explore the current status of Article 81 guardianships from the perspective of the judiciary.  This program is sure to offer something to enhance the practice for participants of all levels of experience.

Agenda Topics:

  • Factors That Create and Exasperate Challenges to Meet the Needs and Protect the Rights of (Alleged) Incapacitated Person
  • Judicial Perspectives on the State of Article 81 Guardianships in NYS
  • Historical Perspective in the Context of a Reality Check: Why Does it Feel Like We've Been Here Before?
  • Is There Such a Thing as a Simple Guardianship (Where Counsel  Does Not Require Litigation Skills)
  • Should Non-Lawyers Be Appointed from the Part 36 List as Court Evaluators
  • Evaluators and/or Property Management Guardians for (Alleged) Incapacitated Persons

Program Chair
Robert Abrams, Esq., Abrams Fensterman LLP, Lake Success

Program Faculty
Rose Mary Bailly, Esq., NY State Law Revision Commission
Patricia Bave, Esq., Kommer, Bave & Ollman, LLP, NYC
Honorable Arthur Diamond, Supreme Court, Nassau County 
Fern J. Finkel, Esq., Finkel & Fernandez LLP, Brooklyn
Brian R. Heitner, Esq., Seltzer Sussman Heitner LLP, Jericho
Honorable Richard I. Horowitz, Supreme Court, Suffolk County
Honorable Tanya Kennedy, Supreme Court, New York County
Anthony Lamberti, Esq., Armstrong & Lamberti, PLLC, Staten Island
Honorable Charles Troia, Supreme Court, Richmond County


Non-Member Price: $250.00
  • DVD+MP3
Product Code:
  • FGL34
Areas Of Professional Practice Credit(s):
  • 6.5
Total Credit(s):
  • 6.5