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Basics Of Trial Practice After The Verdict (2013)

The trial is over, but your work is far from completed. What do you do after the jury returns their verdict? This unique course provides you with the information you need to navigate the tricky waters of post-verdict trial practice. Top notch trial lawyers provide insights and practice tips on:

– Challenging civil jury verdicts
– Polling the jury
– Post-trial motions
– CPLR Sec. 4545 collateral source reductions
– GOL Sec. 15-108 set-offs
– CPLR Articles 50-A and 50-B
– Preparing the Judgment and Bill of Costs

Program Topics

• Challenging the Verdict of the Civil Jury

• Collateral Source Reductions under CPLR Sec. 4545 and Set-offs under GOL Sec. 15-108

• The Operation of Articles 50-A 50-B of the CPLR

• Preparing the Judgment and Bill of Costs

Program Faculty

Barbara D. Goldberg, Esq. (Chair)
Martin Clearwater & Bell LLP
New York City

Elizabeth Hecht, Esq.
Mead Hecht Conklin & Gallagher
New York City

Todd A. Kipnes, Esq.
Kipnes Crowley Group
New York City

Stewart G. Milch, Esq.
Martin Clearwater & Bell LLP
New York City

Total MCLE Credits 3.0
Ethics MCLE Credits 0.0

This archived webcast is a video online program that you will view and listen to on your computer screen.

Total Credits: 3.00 | Skills: 2.00, Areas of Professional Practice: 1.00

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 1 Challenging The Verdict Of The Jury (2013)
Skills: 1.00
 2 After the Verdict: Collateral Source Reductions (2013)
Areas of Professional Practice: 1.00
 3 After the Verdict: Articles 50-a And 50-b Of The CPLR (2013)
Skills: 0.50
 4 After the Verdict: The Judgment And Bill Of Costs (2013) Available with purchase of full program
MCLE Credit: 0.00
  • Online On-Demand
Product Code:
  • VD474
Areas Of Professional Practice Credit(s):
  • 1.0
Skills Credit(s):
  • 2.0
Total Credit(s):
  • 3.0
Non-Member Pricing: $235.00

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