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Cannabis Law In New York State And The U.S. (2018)

Cannabis Law In New York State And The U.S. (2018)


An Overview of an Emerging Field of Law

• 20,000-Foot View of State Cannabis Reforms – Medical vs. Adult Use vs. Hemp

• Federal Law Governing Cannabis

• The Tensions Between State and Federal Law, Including Preemption Concerns

• Potential Federal Response to State Reforms


Development in New York State

• Visible Programs (Medical and Hemp Programs)

• NY License Limits and Attempts to Expand Access/ Registered Organizations

• Invisible Programs

• State Regulatory v. Industry Perspective

• Proposed Full Adult-Use Legislation


Hot Topics in Cannabis Law

• Public Use: Retail Establishments for Onsite Consumption

• Medical Cannabis Use in Schools

• Who Determines What Are “Qualifying Conditions” for Medical Cannabis Use

• State Employment Laws and Medical Cannabis Patients

• U.S. Food and Drug Administration Regulation of Cannabis as a Drug v. Food/Dietary Supplement

• DEA and State Drug Scheduling/Rescheduling

• Corporate Law Including Banking

• Bankruptcy

• Ethical Issues Representing Cannabis Companies

• CBD Products

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