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Counseling Content Providers In The Digital Age (eBook)

Counseling Content Providers In The Digital Age (eBook)

  • Kathleen Conkey, Esq.; Elissa D. Hecker, Esq.; Pamela C. Jones, Esq.

Key Benefits

• Allows attorneys to review, with confidence, content that will be published on their client's or their own websites

• Prepares media and entertainment attorneys to handle the complexities of pre-broadcast review.

• Presents and discusses the major torts that define this field

• Discusses practices used by media lawyers to handle the potential legal challenges of creating and distributing content

• Provides advice from practitioners in the field on dealing with sensitive issues in the media

Product Description

For as long as there have been printing presses, there have been accusations of libel, invasion of privacy, intellectual property infringements and a variety of other torts. Now that much of the content reaching the public is distributed online as well as by television, radio and in print, the field of pre-publication review has become more complicated and more important. Counseling Content Providers in the Digital Age provides an overview of the issues content reviewers repeatedly face.

Counseling Content Providers in the Digital Age was written and edited by experienced media law attorneys from California and New York. This book is invaluable to attorneys entering the field of pre-publication review as well as anyone responsible for vetting the content of a client's or firm's website.

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Published Date:
  • June 1, 2010
  • eBook
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  • 4063E
  • 978157969294X
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  • 480 pages