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Disabilities In The Legal Profession (2016) – CD

Disabilities In The Legal Profession (2016) – CD

Lawyers with Disabilities (LWDs) face considerable challenges in the legal profession, from being denied access and accommodations on gateway examinations such as the LSAT and the MCBE, to difficulty obtaining employment because of stereotypes or negative assumptions about the capability of LWDs. Disability, unlike race or gender, is not typically included as a category to which diversity initiatives and recruitment efforts are directed, thereby contributing to the under-reporting of LWDs. This program will guide you through the concerns facing LWDs today as well as offer unique perspectives on how to arrive at accommodations allowing them to achieve, succeed, and otherwise ensure that they are regarded not only as valued employees but as equal contributors to the legal profession as a whole.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Navigating Entry Into the Legal Profession as a Lawyer with a Disability (LWD) – Testing Accommodations on the LSAT and MCBE; Using Assistive Technology to Level the Playing Field
  • Employment of LWDs – Lack of Reliable Figures about LWDs in Practice; Overcoming Employer Biases and Assumptions; Identifying and Requesting Workplace Accommodations
  • Special Challenges for Lawyers with Mental Health Disabilities
  • The Future for LWDs – How to Join and Play a Meaningful Role in the Legal Profession


Rachel Minter

Kathy Carroll

Jack Chen

Michael Gilberg

Elizabeth Grossman

Anat Maytal

Stephanie Woodward

Eileen Travis

Anupa Iyer

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