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Jury Selection:The Importance Of Data-Driven Consulting 2018

Jury Selection:The Importance Of Data-Driven Consulting 2018

Total Credits: 4.0 (Professional Practice 2.0, Skills 2.0)
Jury selection is still very much a right brain exercise based on an attorney’s experience. That can never be replaced. Good attorneys are good observers of people observers and ultimately have to rely on their own judgment, which includes the passion to win, the need to offer the best representation to the client. All of which involves empathy, discernment, body language, and simple observation.

But good data is power and it can arm a good attorney with the depth and clarity of information that the other side does not have. It reduces the game of chance, offers better odds than a coin flip, and illuminates which arguments have a better chance of working or not working and among which types of people.

We’re fortunate today to have the capacity to be able to collect, analyze, and find the meaning of data from many sources and in such a compressed time period. This program will review some of the data services that are available for attorneys – both probabilities and percentages and real feelings and biases. This program, presented by John Zogby Strategies, will cover:

  • The science and art of jury selection
  • The use of data-driven analytics in the process
  • The process and value of jury pool surveys, mock juries, and focus groups
  • How to select a parallel geographic venue for research work when the case is too controversial to do work locally
  • An examination of Tribal Analytics, a proprietary process utilized to obtain an accurate and granular account of the aspirations, values, and attributes of potential jurors

Program Faculty

Benjamin Zogby, Esq., partner, graduated from Georgetown Law and was a commercial litigator in New York City for 5 years at the oldest Wall Street firm, Cadwalader Wickersham & Taft LLP. 

John Zogby, founder of the world-famous Zogby Poll and Senior Partner at John Zogby Strategies has been conducting public opinion surveys, analysis and consulting for a variety of companies and agencies in the public and private sectors for four decades. 


Non-Member Price: $235.00
  • DVD+MP3
Product Code:
  • FFK11
Areas Of Professional Practice Credit(s):
  • 2.0
Skills Credit(s):
  • 2.0
Total Credit(s):
  • 4.0