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Mortgages, 2020-21

Mortgages, 2020-21

  • Christopher P. Daly, Esq.

Key Benefits:

• Understand and be able to explain the basic terms of a mortgage and their consequences.

• Know how to execute a mortgage; access common mortgage forms used in practice.

• Understand the different types of mortgages, including purchase money mortgages, building loan mortgages, leasehold mortgages, fixed rate and adjustable rate mortgages and many more.

Product Description:

This practice guide provides a clause-by-clause analysis of the standard mortgage and introduces the recommended additional clauses most worthy of inclusion in a mortgage rider. Also featured are discussions of the range of mortgageable interests, government-related mortgages and other financing avenues, usury, discrimination in lending, certain foreclosure issues and the critical right to redeem.

Numerous forms and exhibits, used by the authors in their practice, make this a highly practical as well as informative volume.

This practice guide also includes a set of Downloadable Forms. The 2020-2021 release is current through the 2020 legislative session.

Non-Member Price: $165.00
Table of Contents:
Published Date:
  • November 9, 2020
  • Book
Product Code:
  • 4138121
  • 9781579690168
Page Count:
  • 244 pages