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Music Licensing Basics (2013)

Getting a handle on how music licensing works can be a challenge to the uninitiated. In this program, distinguished entertainment law practitioners will provide you with a basic legal overview of the music licensing structure and its application in three key areas: establishments and corporations; websites & digital music start-ups; and musicians. A second panel will discuss some of the latest issues in the constantly changing world of music licensing. You can't afford to miss this opportunity to learn music licensing from the industry's leading practitioners!

– Overview of copyright in relation to music licensing, including: explanation of two music copyrights; key players in music licensing; and basic types of music licenses;

– Music Licensing Basics for Establishments and Corporations, including: “public place” v. “transmission” public performances; types of uses requiring license and licensing types/options; Fairness in Music Licensing Act and other exemptions;

– Music Licensing Basics for Web Sites & Digital Music Start-Ups, including: licensing requirements and options; interactive v. non-interactive services; downloads v. streams; DMCA safe harbors/notice-and-takedown process;

– Music Licensing Basics for Musicians, including: copyright registration; cover songs and samples; synch licensing; should I sign this deal? – distribution and licensing options.

Panel Members:
Ethan Y. Bordman, Principal, Ethan Y Bordman PLLC
Joyce Sydnee Dollinger,Of Counsel, Dollinger, Gonski & Grossman
Seth M. Goldstein, Esq.,Director, Legal & Business Affairs, MediaNet
Keenan Popwell,Director and Counsel, Business Affairs, SESAC

Advanced Issues in Music Licensing

Moderated by Marc Jacobson, Founding Chair of the EASL Section, this expert panel will discuss some of the latest issues in the constantly changing world of music licensing. Topics include:

– Risk reduction, including verifying the rights and history of a song or other musical work, especially investigating "hidden" music embedded through digital sampling;

– Assessing the contribution of various musical co-writers with a theme song, jingle, or score that has been modernized and resurrected from an earlier version, where there are conflicting interests on the part of the earlier and later writers – i.e., issues with derivative works;

– Digital licensing in the US & Canada–issues relating to mechanical rights, performance rights, lyric rights and sound recordings;

– International digital licensing for websites and the like, European Union directives, and solutions, licensing in Asia, the Middle East and other regions;

– Publishing catalog valuations, lending, purchase and sale.

Panel Members:
Stephen H. Block,Deputy General Counsel, Business Affairs, The Harry Fox Agency (HFA)
Judith Finell,Musicologist, Judith Finell Musicservices Inc. / New York
Moderator: Marc Jacobson,Principal, Marc Jacobson, P.C. (Founding Chair of the NYSBA EASL Section)

Total MCLE Credits 3.0
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