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New York Residential Landlord-Tenant Law And Procedure, 2020-21

New York Residential Landlord-Tenant Law And Procedure, 2020-21

  • Hon. Gerald Lebovits; Damon P. Howard, Esq.; Michelle Maratto Itkowitz, Esq.

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New York residential landlord-tenant law can be daunting to both newcomers and experienced attorneys, given its complex statutory framework and discordant case law. New York Residential Landlord-Tenant Law and Procedure is an essential resource for any attorney handling a landlord-tenant matter. Covering the fundamentals of residential landlord-tenant law and the procedural mechanics in landlord-tenant disputes, it offers practical guidance on tenancy, summary proceedings, nonpayment proceedings, illegal lockout/unlawful eviction actions and proceedings, general and affirmative defenses to a residential landlord-tenant proceeding.

This edition covers the Housing Stability and Tenant Protection Act (HSTPA), which dramatically altered New York's residential-rental landscape and affects many aspects of the law, from security deposits to the day-to-day procedures of eviction proceedings and plenary actions in upstate and downstate New York. Also covered in this edition is the COVID-19 Emergency Evictions and Foreclosure Prevention Act of 2020. This Act was passed in response to the COVID-19 public health emergency and the resulting destabilized hosing situation which affected both tenants and owners. A copy of the Act is included in the Appendix.

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  • June 30, 2021
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