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(Often Missed) Fundamentals Of Litigation (2013)

(Often Missed) Fundamentals Of Litigation (2013)

(Often Missed) Fundamentals of Litigation (2013)
Speaker:  John G. Balestriere, Esq. | Balestriere Fariello | New York, NY
Recorded June 25, 2013 at the Bridging the Gap program in New York City.  This archived webcast is a video online program that you will view and listen to on your computer screen.
Total MCLE Credit 1.0 in Skills.  Newly admitted attorneys (less than 24 months) CANNOT receive New York MCLE credit for online programs.

Topics of discussion include:

Practice and Time Management

·         Do It Right

·         Memorializing

·         Creating Templates and Procedures

Working With Other Firms

·         Why and How

·         Spell It Out

·         Rules to Know

Pitfalls And Challenges of Litigation

·         Dos and Don’ts

·         The Holistic Lawyer Approach

·         Every Client Hates It

Always Be Trying Your Case

·         Do Not Just Litigate

·         Be the Devil’s Advocate

·         Source, Not Content

Remember You Are An Advocate

·         Know Your Weaknesses

·         Don’t Judge—Fight

·         Level 3 Advocacy

Do Not Just Be An Advocate

·         Be a Counselor

·         A Unique Opportunity

·         Being Your Client’s Guide

Before You Advocate, Investigate

·         Seek the Truth

·         Know the Truth

·         Your Ethical and Moral Obligations

Total Credits: 1.00 | Skills: 1.00

Non-Member Price: $175.00
Published Date:
  • June 24, 2013
  • Online On-Demand
Product Code:
  • VDA7
Skills Credit(s):
  • 1.0
Total Credit(s):
  • 1.0