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Probate And Administration Of New York Estates, 2019 Supplement

Probate And Administration Of New York Estates, 2019 Supplement

  • Gary R. Mund, Esq.; Douglas H. Evans, Esq.

2019 Revision for Past Purchasers Only

Product Description:

This comprehensive, practical reference covers all aspects of probate and administration, from the preparation of the estate to settling the account. The 2019 Update brings the Second Edition up to date, highlighted by changes to the chapters on federal and New York estate tax and fiduciary income tax planning.

Probate offers step-by-step guidance on estate issues, detailed appendixes, sample forms and checklists. Of particular note in this edition are chapters on federal and New York estate tax, and fiduciary income-tax planning.

Thousands of New York attorneys have relied on this title to provide clear, practical guidance on the best ways to limit an estate’s tax liability.

Probate is written and edited by experienced attorneys from across New York State, whose expertise is invaluable to novice and experienced practitioners alike. Periodic updates will make Probate and Administration of New York Estates the first reference you turn to when handling an estate.

"[V]ital information covering all phases of estate administration, from securing the will through final accounting." — From the foreword to the Second Edition.

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Published Date:
  • February 1, 2019
  • Supplement - Book
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  • 500518
  • 9781579694401
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