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Representing Motor Vehicle Accident Victims (2013)

Your client is injured in a motor vehicle accident. Your job is to secure the maximum benefits to which your client is entitled as a result of that accident. This seminar explores the complex interrelationship amongst three main sources of recovery for people injured in motor vehicle accidents: No-Fault insurance, Workers' Compensation insurance, and personal injury actions. Seasoned practitioners will help you answer these crucial questions:

* Is my client entitled to No-Fault benefits?

* Is my client entitled to Workers- Compensation benefits?

* Can my client bring a personal injury action arising from this accident?

* Does it matter where the accident occurred?

* Does it matter who the various defendants are?

* Does my client meet the “serious injury threshold?”

* What damages can be recovered; what damages cannot be recovered?

* If my client can sue, will the recovery be subject to a lien by the insurance carrier(s)?

Attorneys who represent plaintiffs, defendants, workers- compensation claimants, and either compensation or no-fault insurance carriers will greatly benefit from this program. Learn the key statutory provisions and the latest case law developments in this ever evolving area of personal injury law from a highly regarded panel of speakers.

Program Contents

– No-Fault Benefits

– Personal Injury Litigation in Motor Vehicle Accident Cases

– Workers- Compensation Interplay with No-Fault and Personal Injury Actions

Program Faculty

Robert A. Glick, Esq.(Chair and Moderator)
Brand, Glick & Brand

Carl D. Copps, Esq.
Former Principal Attorney – New York State Workers- Compensation Board

Angelo F. Rizzo, Esq.
Baker Sanders, LLC

Edward J. Savidge, Esq.
Brand, Glick & Brand

Total MCLE Credits 3.0
Ethics MCLE Credits 0.0

This archived webcast is a video online program that you will view and listen to on your computer screen.

Total Credits: 3.00 | Areas of Professional Practice: 3.00

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 1  No-fault Benefits for Motor Vehicle Accident Victims (2013)
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 2  Personal Injury Litigation in Motor Vehicle Accidents (2013)
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 3  Workers' Compensation in Motor Vehicle Accident Cases (2013)
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Published Date:
  • February 28, 2013
  • Online On-Demand
Product Code:
  • VD454
Areas Of Professional Practice Credit(s):
  • 3.0
Total Credit(s):
  • 3.0