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The New York Civil Appellate Citator (2 Vols.)

The New York Civil Appellate Citator (2 Vols.)

  • Elliott Scheinberg, Esq.

Hailed as an "extraordinary work" by highly recognized (retired) appellate judges, this "unparalleled," extensive compendium is a finessed compilation of appellate authority, foundational and uniquely esoteric, on all aspects related to civil appeals to the Appellate Division. Many of the intricate and complex topics covered have received either general, minimal or no analysis elsewhere.

Using the detailed table of contents and index, the researcher can quickly locate key precedential language for use as authority in briefs and arguments. The compendium offers an in-depth examination of topics such as:

  • A broad section on issue preservation
  • An extensive section regarding issues raised for the first time on appeal, when the same issue has been considered and precluded
  • The fugitive disentitlement doctrine
  • General and specific trial objections on appeal
  • The intersection between CPLR 5701(a)(2) and CPLR 2215(a)
  • The treatment of standing and subject matter jurisdiction

Significant treatment is also devoted to the pitfalls of appellate practice under the Family Court Act. This two-volume work is certain to become a standard resource for both bench and bar.


"This extraordinary work is worth its weight for the table of contents alone. It provides a clear roadmap to a successful appellate submission. The depth of analysis that follows and ease of use make it solid gold for appellate practitioners, bench and bar alike… It's truly a remarkable work."

Hon. Eugene F. Pigott, Jr.

Ret. Senior Associate Judge, New York State Court of Appeals

"In The New York Civil Appellate Citator, you can find … within two well-organized and well-indexed volumes, a citation for pretty much anything you are likely to need to say…. [A]nyone can find, almost instantly, the topic he or she is interested in at the moment. * * * Elliott Scheinberg … built in his many years of working on appeals a personal library of quotations and rulings on what seems like every topic conceivable, and undoubtedly spent countless hours arranging that library in such a way that anyone can find, almost instantly, the topic he or she is interested in at the moment. The book marvelously illustrates of the expression: 'I did it, so you don't have to.' "

Hon. Robert S. Smith

Ret. Associate Judge, New York State Court of Appeals; Partner, Friedman Kaplan

"Elliott Scheinberg has done it again! His new compendium, 'New York Civil Appellate Citator' will be the 'go to' source for Appellate Judges and practitioners looking for guidance and easy reference on topics ranging from the basics to the complex! [It] allows quick access to the concepts at issue and provides a concise, yet in-depth discussion, with ample authority to support the proposition at hand."

Hon. A. Gail Prudenti

Ret. Presiding Justice, Appellate Division, Second Department; Dean Maurice A. Duane School of Law, Hofstra University

"Elliott Scheinberg is … a prolific writer whose … articles have been of enormous aid to countless lawyers, including myself. * * * While today's electronic legal research is certainly an invaluable tool for litigators at both the appellate and trial levels, Elliott's work adds another dimension because the case excerpts he presents form a treatise on appellate practice presented in the words of the courts themselves and selected, organized and thoroughly indexed by an experienced litigator and lecturer who knows firsthand what will be of most interest to his fellow practitioners and how to present it in a very easy to use manner. The New York Civil Appellate Citator will be a welcome addition to every New York litigator's library."

Thomas R. Newman

Duane Morris LLP, and author of Newman, New York Appellate Practice (Matthew Bender 1985), New York Law Journal columnist on Appellate Practice (1975- ), and member of the New York Office of Court Administration's CPLR Advisory Committee (1987- ).

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