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Update 2015

Update 2015


Total Credits: 7.5, Professional Practice 5.5, Ethics 2.0

NYSBA CLE is pleased to present Update 2015 covering the most recent developments in areas of practice that New York attorneys regularly handle, including: Civil Procedure; Matrimonial and Family Law; Trusts and Estates Law; Business and Corporate Law; Criminal Law; and Ethics and Professionalism. All that is new in each field – cases, statutes, rules, procedures and practice techniques – will be reviewed by an experienced faculty member.

Offering coverage of:
• New York Civil Practice • Matrimonial and Family Law• Ethics and Professionalism • Business and Corporate Law• Criminal Law • Trusts and Estates Law


Program Speakers:
Kieth I. Rieger
Partner, Rieger & Fried LLP, Garden City, NY

Deborah A. Scalise
Partner, Scalise & Hamilton, LLP, Scarsdale, NY

Gerald F. Stack
Partner, Hiscock & Barclay LLP, Syracuse, NY

Martin R. Goodman
Partner, Schlesinger Gannon & Lazetera LLP, New York, NY

John R. Higgitt, Esq.
Principal Court Attorney-Referee to the Administrative Judge of
Supreme Court, Bronx County, NY

Erica T. Dubno
Partner, Fahringer & Dubno, New York, NY


Total Credits: 7.50 | Areas of Professional Practice: 5.50, Ethics: 2.00

  • Audio CD
Product Code:
  • DED94
Areas Of Professional Practice Credit(s):
  • 5.5
Ethics and Professionalism Credit(s):
  • 2.0
Total Credit(s):
  • 7.5
Non-Member Pricing: $275.00

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