Local Laws adopted by the legislative body of a local government (county, city, town or village) are filed with the NYS Department of State as required by section 27 of the NY Municipal Home Rule Law.  Local legislation submitted to the NYS Department of State since January 1, 1998  is available in an electronic database, the Local Laws Database, maintained by NYSDOS on its website at, and can be searched by date, municipality or topic/keyword, following the instructions provided at  Current laws adopted by any municipality in New York related to pets and other animals, and the requirements imposed by municipalities for animals residing within the municipality can be found in this database using the built-in search function.

Additionally, the legislative body of each county is required to provide the NYS Department of State with a complete codification of all local laws (“county code”) that it has adopted, and are currently in effect.  All county codes submitted to the NYSDOS since April 1, 2015 are in the NYSDOS Local Laws Database and can be searched by municipality, following the directions at the link above.