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Career Center

Career Center and Job Alerts

NYSBA Career Center is the leading online hub for legal professionals, serving more than 65,000 members. It’s where legal professionals go to find the right legal jobs and where employers go to find highly-qualified legal talent.


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Upcoming & Past Events

Legal Wellness for Law Students: A Prevention and Early Intervention Approach
January 31, 2022
Explore the six pillars of wellness and how each pillar can support your experience in law school as well as throughout your legal career.

2022 Law Student Section Meet And Greets (1 of 8)
February 1, 2022
Engage with attorneys from the Intellectual Property Law Section, Entertainment, Arts & Sports Law Section, and the Commercial and Federal Litigation Section.

Virtual Interviewing: Techniques to Help You Land the Job
February 2, 2022
Join us for a discussion of the pros and cons of virtual interviewing that can help candidates stand out for all of the right reasons and be successful during the virtual interview process.

2022 Law Student Section Meet And Greets (2 of 8)
February 3, 2022
Engage with attorneys from the Antitrust Law Section, Business Law Section, and the Corporate Counsel Section

2022 Law Student Section Meet And Greets (3 of 8)
February 8, 2022
Engage with attorneys from the Trusts & Estates Law Section, Real Property Law Section and the Environmental & Energy Law Section

2022 Law Student Section Meet And Greets (4 of 8)
February 10, 2022
Engage with attorneys from the Health Law Section, Food, Drug & Cosmetic Law Section and the General Practice Section

2022 Law Student Section Meet And Greets (5 of 8)
February 15, 2022
Engage with attorneys from the Criminal Justice Section, Trial Lawyers Section, and the Local and State Government Law Section

2022 Law Student Section Meet And Greets (6 of 8)
February 17, 2022
Engage with attorneys from the Labor & Employment Law Section, Torts, Insurance, & Compensation Law Section, and the Tax Section

2022 Law Student Section Meet And Greets (7 of 8)
March 1, 2022
Engage with attorneys from the Family Law Section, Elder Law & Special Needs Section, and the Dispute Resolution Section

Zoom Etiquette: A Guide For Law Students Post-Grad
March 2, 2022
This program is the second of four in the postgraduate program series for law students

2022 Law Student Section Meet And Greets (8 of 8)
March 3, 2022
Engage with attorneys from the Young Lawyers Section, LGBTQ Law Section, Women in Law Section, and the International Section

Dispute Resolution Section Annual Mediation Tournament 2022
March 18 – March 19, 2022
The Annual Mediation Tournament is a chance to display both mediation advocacy skills and mediator skills, giving students the chance to serve as mediators as well as advocates.

Communication in the Workplace: From Professionalism to Cybersecurity
April 6, 2022
The discussion will include elements of courtesy, professionalism, best practices, procedural and ethical requirements, confidentiality, security, encryption and technological pitfalls.


On-Demand Programs

Bar Exam

Demystifying the Uniform Bar Exam (2021)
This webinar provides an introduction to the Uniform Bar Exam (UBE), including a discussion on each of the components.

Maximizing Your Final Weeks of Bar Prep (2021)
Kaplan Bar’s Executive Director of Academics will provide well-grounded study and test-taking approaches that will help build your confidence and lead you to success on the bar exam.

Career Planning and Job Search

Ghosting and Other Interviewing Nightmares: Advice to Get Past the Scary Scenes (2021)
Hear from our experienced panelists as they discuss how to demystify interviewing, call backs and common issues in the follow-up process so you can get past the scary scenes and focus on the job search.

A Law Student’s Guide to A Career in the Criminal Justice System (2021)
This program focuses on the various career opportunities in the criminal justice legal system.

Strategies For Successful Virtual Interviewing (2020)
In this program, Carroll Welch will offer actionable tips for handling the challenging logistical and substantive issues presented by today’s job interviews.

Alternative Careers in Business for Lawyers (2020)
Lawyers can play many roles in a business outside of acting as a legal advisor. They can be a compliance officer, regulatory affairs, operations, audit, be a writer or a speaker, a lobbyist, a financial advisor and many other roles.

Marketing and Networking

Vocal Dynamics For Lawyers: Using Your Voice For Impact And Influence (2021)
Learn how you can gain and maintain your audience’s attention for maximum impact and influence by actively changing your vocal behaviors.

Identifying And Leveraging Your Authentic Brand (2021)
During this program, we will discuss how to identify and leverage your unique brand, how to use your brand to move your career forward in meaningful ways, and how modify your brand, as necessary, along the way.

Critical Career Skills For Lawyers Series Topic Three: Communicating (2021)
This program you will learn why and how to communicate, present, and network with impact during virtual events.

Critical Career Skills For Lawyers Series Topic Two: Developing Your Network (2020)
In this program you will learn best practices to build your confidence, skills and relationships while navigating networking events and conversations in person and virtually.

Critical Career Skills For Lawyers Series: Building Your Brand (2020)
This program covers critical skills, practical tips and exercises to help you expand your network while building and promoting your personal brand.

Student Loans

Managing Your Debt In Public Interest: How To Repay Your Loans (2021)
This program is designed to help you make more informed decisions about paying your student loans, and will outline how to afford your public interest career by taking advantage of programs like income-driven repayment plans, Public Service Loan Forgiveness, and Loan Repayment Assistance Programs.

How NYSBA Student Loan Borrowers Can Finally Catch a Break (2021)
Learn more about the student loan landscape, tips for managing debt, and SoFi benefits available to NYSBA members!

COVID-19 And The Student Loan Landscape (2020)
During this webinar, SoFi discusses the existing relief options for student loan borrowers as well as other repayment options to consider.

Technology and Law School Resources

LinkedIn For Law Students (2021)
Law students who get a head start on creating a standout LinkedIn Profile, using LinkedIn to help make and foster connections, and participate strategically on the platform can get a leg up on their professional career.

How to Succeed in 1L Legal Writing Research (2021)
This one-hour Zoom presentation offers essential tips on how law students can succeed in their first-year legal writing and research class.

PDF: The Most Versatile Legal Tech Tool You’re Not Using Enough (2021)
Learn how the right PDF software provides new ways to collaborate and edit documents, make redactions, organize case files, and even replicate the paper experience for tech-phobic attorneys.

Creating And Navigating A Rockstar LinkedIn Presence (2021)
Learn how to build a strong profile, engage in meaningful ways with your LinkedIn community, increase your positive exposure to colleagues, clients, and recruiters, and maximize various opportunities that LinkedIn offers to build relationships.


Breathe Into It: How Intentional Breathing Can Help You Manage Stress
Find out how these and other attributes make the study and practice of intentional breathing beneficial for stress management and a better quality of life.

Practicing Self-Care and Mindfulness for Your Wellbeing (2021)
Regularly practicing good self-care strategies is the basis for maintaining good mental and physical health in law school and throughout your career.

Taking Care of Your Mental Health While in Law School: Fall Series (2020)
Featuring Albany Law School’s Associate Dean for Student Affairs Rosemary Queenan; Professor Joseph Connors, Albany Law School; Dr. John Conners, Psychiatrist, College Mental Health Care; Sarah Dixon-Morgan, Colby Fellow with Albany Law School’s Wellness Initiative.

Law Students Competitions and Scholarships

Scholarships, Fellowships, Writing Competitions and Mentorships

Are you looking to start your legal career? The New York State Bar Association has the resources to help you succeed.

From writing competitions and scholarship funding to fellowships and internships with Fortune 500 companies, esteemed organizations and government institutions, NYSBA offers a wide variety of opportunities to help law students build their resume while also developing critical legal skills. Additionally, NYSBA’s sections offer various mentorship opportunities giving you the chance to gain real-world advice and guidance, while ensuring you receive the mentoring you need to maximize your potential. Take advantage of these opportunities that can help guide you on your way to become one of New York’s leading attorneys.

Scholarships for Nomination

Fellowships and Internships

Writing Competitions:


New York State Bar: Pro Bono Requirements

Find Out More About Pro Bono Requirements for New York State Bar Admission

If you were enrolled at an ABA-approved law school and you are seeking admission to practice in New York on examination, you will need to complete 50 hours of qualifying pro bono work before you apply for admission to the New York bar. Only eligible pro bono work performed on or after May 1, 2012 will satisfy the Rule. The Requirement need not be fulfilled before a law student applies to take the New York bar examination; rather, the 50 hours must be completed before filing an application for admission.

Explore Resources

New York State Bar Pro Bono Requirement (NYU Public Interest Law Center)

Bar Admission Requirements – Pro Bono (NY Courts)

Bar Admission & Pro Bono – FAQs (NY Courts)

Kaplan Bar Review

Kaplan Bar Review

NYSBA student members may receive a $200 discount off the seasonal sale price of Kaplan’s New York State Bar Review Course at time of purchase. This discount may not be combined with other promotional discounts or offers beyond the public seasonal sale price.


SoFi Logo New

SoFi Student Loans

SoFi refinances your student loans into one low-rate payment – both federal AND private qualified student loans are eligible. Competitively low variable or fixed rate options with a $300 welcome bonus!


StudyBuddy Pro

StudyBuddy Pro

NYSBA student members may receive a 20% discount off their lifetime StudyBuddy Pro membership by using the unique NYSBA / StudyBuddy Pro coupon at the time of checkout. StudyBuddy Pro is the leading platform for law school success. This discount may not be combined with any other discount offers provided for StudyBuddy Pro.


LAP Program

Lawyer Assistance Program (LAP)

The New York State Bar Association’s Lawyer Assistance Program provides several important services to the legal community across New York State. NYSBA’s LAP provides:

  • voluntary monitoring services for attorneys facing grievance procedures and for those that are court ordered.
  • a helpline: 800.255.0569. The helpline provides general assistance for callers and referrals for therapists, treatment, support groups, and peer support.
  • CLE and educational speakers, materials, and resources that can be incorporated into existing programming or as presented as stand alone programming.
  • peer support from experienced volunteers.
  • articles, information and content for NYSBA publications and other media outlets.
  • and many other benefits…


Student Loan Resources

Student Loan Debt Relief Resources

Providing greater student loan relief for attorneys and non-attorneys is a legislative and policy goal of the New York State Bar Association. The resources and articles linked here provide useful information on current student loan debt relief programs. This resource page was prepared by the President’s Committee on Access to Justice Public Interest Loan Repayment Subcommittee.

Articles of Interest

Life Insurance for the Young Single Adult
If you’re young, single, and think you don’t need life insurance, you may want to reconsider, especially if you’re paying off student loans.

Life Insurance for Young Professionals
Today’s young professionals change jobs more often than their parents did. And yet having a job is only the first step toward achieving stability. Life insurance has a role to play in your financial life.

A cheat sheet full of tips and advice for your first year of law school from people whose memories of their 1L year are still raw and fresh.

Get Noticed: How NYSBA Student Scholarships, Fellowships, Writing Competitions and Mentorships Can Help You Succeed
Are you looking to start your legal career? The New York State Bar Association has the resources to help you succeed.


Key Titles for Law Students

Rules of Professional Conduct

NYSBA New York Rules Of Professional Conduct

The must-have title for any law student or attorney in New York.


Legal Writer

The Legal Writer: Writing It Right

Practical, real-world legal writing suggestions that apply to all aspects of an attorney’s practice.


Legal Writer Drafting New York Civil Litigation


The Legal Writer: Drafting New York Civil-Litigation Documents

A master class in drafting civil-litigation documents that gives New York attorneys the tools they need to make their best case to the court.


Attorney Escrow Accounts


Attorney Escrow Accounts

Understand the legal and ethical issues encountered when attorneys handle client funds.


Foundation Evidence Questions and Courtroom Protocols


Foundation Evidence, Questions and Courtroom Protocols

Learn how to prepare the appropriate foundation testimony for the introduction of evidence and examination of witnesses.


Practical Skills Series


New York Lawyers’ Practical Skills Series

Purchase the full set or individual titles of this guide to New York law. This award-winning series provides an essential overview of a wide range of practice areas and includes forms and practice tips.


Free Legal Research With Fastcase

For attorneys who can’t afford big data pricing, Fastcase legal research is available to New York State Bar Association members. Get free and unlimited access to Fastcase’s New York library, including New York and Second Circuit cases and New York statutes and regulations. Upgraded content subscriptions are also available. For more information, click here.

Networking Opportunities & Meet and Greets

Grow your professional network by attending fun networking events with students, young attorneys and experienced law professionals.

  • Connect with mentors
  • Learn about internships and career opportunities
  • Learn about NYSBA Section membership
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