Membership in NYSBA’s Antitrust Law Section is a valuable way to:

  • Enhance professional skills
  • Join colleagues in exciting Section events
  • Increase your network of contacts in the practice of antitrust law

Opportunities for Professional Growth and Achievement

NYSBA’s Antitrust Law Section offers members excellent ways to enhance their knowledge and expertise by participating in the Section activities.

Through events featuring outstanding speakers, members can examine critical developments in antitrust.  The Section also co-sponsors MCLE programs for New York State Bar Association members at special member rates.

All of these activities enable you to stay on top of the constantly developing field of antitrust law, as well as meet and work with colleagues who share your interests.

Participation in Section Activities is Easy

The Antitrust Law Section aims to address the complex issues that constantly arise in the field, and to communicate about antitrust law with the profession as a whole.  Through formal comments on proposed legislation, the Section’s program held during NYSBA’s Annual Meeting presents the most current issues in presentations by experienced practitioners (including enforcement agency officials), economists and business persons.

The Section offers its members a variety of ways to participate.  The Section’s Executive Committee welcomes membership participation in these activities, as well as others, and encourages interested members to contact it to discuss opportunities.

Stay Informed

The Antitrust Law Section also publishes the annual Antitrust Law Section Symposium, a transcript of the Section’s extremely popular NYSBA Annual Meeting program.  The resources available on the website are substantive case reviews, a comprehensive listing of links relevant to the Section and online access to Section publications and special reports.

A Voice in the Association

The Antitrust Law Section addresses major professional issues that affect practitioners, and advocates those positions where appropriate, including within the New York State Bar Association and to the United States and New York State legislatures.

Membership in the New York State Bar Association’s Antitrust Law Section is a valuable way for you to keep up-to-date on the growing number of issues and concerns that face the ever-changing legal profession.

Are you interested in volunteering for a Section Committee? Please email your staff liaison to indicate the committees you wish to join. Thank you!

Contact the Antitrust Law Section Liaison

To learn more about this Section, please contact Dana Alamia
[email protected]
(518) 487-5607
Please do not contact the Section liaison with a request for legal advice or an attorney referral. You can instead visit our ‘Public Resources’ or ‘Lawyer Referral Service’ page for this type of request.

Benjamin Sirota

Benjamin Sirota

Benjamin Sirota is an experienced litigator who handles white-collar criminal matters, regulatory enforcement and internal investigations, with a particular focus on global competition issues. A former prosecutor with the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) Antitrust Division, Mr. Sirota also brings significant private sector experience to his representation of corporations and individuals in multiple industries.

While at the Department of Justice, Mr. Sirota oversaw high-profile, cross-border criminal antitrust investigations and civil merger and conduct matters. In this capacity, Mr. Sirota worked with a number of competition enforcers and financial regulators, both in the U.S. and abroad. Mr. Sirota also has extensive experience litigating disputes touching the financial industry, including those involving claims of price fixing, fraud and market manipulation.

Mr. Sirota’s trial experience includes serving as lead counsel on a number of cases during his time as a Special Assistant District Attorney with the Kings County District Attorney’s Office.

Past Section Chairs

1949-1958 – Charles Wesley Dunn
1958-1961 – Breck P. McAllister
1961-1962 – Jerrold G. VanCise
1962-1963 – Taggart Whipple
1963-1964 – Kendall B. DeBevoise
1964-1965 – Albert R. Connelly
1965-1966 – Edgar E. Barton
1966-1967 – William M. Sayre
1967-1968 – Ira M. Millstein
1968-1969 – John W. Barnum
1969-1970 – Seymour D. Lewis
1970-1971 – George D. Reycraft
1971-1972 – Joshua F. Greenberg
1972-1973 – James R. Withrow, Jr.
1973-1974 – William T. Lifland
1974-1975 – Robert A. Longman
1975-1976 – George J. Wade
1976-1977 – William E. Willis
1977-1978 – Edward Wolfe
1978-1979 – Eleanor M. Fox
1979-1980 – Henry L. King
1980-1981 – Irving Scher
1981-1982 – James T. Halverson
1982-1983 – Stephen M. Axinn
1983-1984 – Kimba W. Wood
1984-1985 – Walter Barthold
1985-1986 – Sanford Litvack
1986-1987 – Prof. Barry E. Hawk
1987-1988 – Veron E. Vig
1988-1989 – Norma B. Levy
1989-1990 – Lloyd Constantine
1990-1991 – Lloyd Constantine
1991-1992 – Lawrence I. Fox
1992-1993 – Lawrence I. Fox
1993-1994 – Stephen D. Houck
1994-1995 – Alan J. Weinschel
1995-1996 – Alan J. Weinschel
1996-1997 – Edward D. Cavanagh
1997-1998 – Barry J. Brett
1998-1999 – Michael Malina
1999-2000 – Robert L. Hubbard
2000-2001 – Martha E. Gifford
2001-2002 – Kenneth R. Logan
2002-2003 – Steven M. Edwards
2003-7/3/03 – Pamela Jones Harbour**
2003-2005 – Barbara Anthony
2005-2006 – Steven Tugander
2006-2007 – Ilene Knable Gotts
2007-2008 – Saul P. Morgenstern
2008-2009 – Stacey Anne Mahoney
2009-2010 – Bruce J. Prager
2010-2011 – Stephen S. Madsen
2011-2012 – Jay L. Himes
2012-2013 – William H. Rooney
2013-2014 – Eric J. Stock
2014-2015 – Barbara J. Hart
2015-2016 – Elai Katz
2016-2017 – Lisl J. Dunlop
2017-2018 – Michael L. Weiner
2018-2019 – Wesley R. Powell
2019-2020 – Nicholas E. Gaglio
2020 – Hollis Salzman

Online Community


Antitrust Law Section Symposium

The Antitrust Law Section Symposium is the published transcript of the Antitrust Law Section’s symposium held at NYSBA’s Annual Meeting in January. Edited by Robert L. Hubbard and Arlene Leventhal at the New York Attorney General’s office, the Symposium includes panel discussions and an annual review of antitrust developments. The Antitrust Law Section Symposium is published once per year and distributed to Section Members free of charge.

The Antitrust Law Section Symposium is published as a benefit for members of the Antitrust Law Section and is copyrighted by the New York State Bar Association.

Section Chair’s Report


Section Service Awards

The Antitrust Law Section confers three service awards. The William T. Lifland Service Award has been given since 1997 and was renamed in honor of its first recipient, William T. Lifland, in 2007. The Distinguished Public Service Award was created in 2007. The Justin Batten Award for Outstanding Service by a Young Lawyer was created in 2021 and named in honor of its first recipient, Justin Batten.

William T. Lifland Service Award

The NYSBA Antitrust Section’s William T. Lifland Award is presented to antitrust practitioners in recognition of their contributions and accomplishments in the field of antitrust. The Service Award acknowledges those who throughout their professional careers have distinguished themselves as leading antitrust practitioners as well as serving the broader antitrust community in a leadership role. The Service Award is presented to the recipient by the Antitrust Section during the Antitrust Section’s annual dinner.

Distinguished Public Service Award

The Public Service Award is made periodically and acknowledges those who have distinguished themselves not only as leading antitrust practitioners, but as individuals who have brought distinction to the antitrust bar as a whole by making significant leadership contributions to the public interest through their service to the bar and to society generally.  The Award is presented to the recipient by the Antitrust Section at its annual dinner.

2007 – Ira M. Millstein
2008 – Joel Klein
2011 – Robert D. Joffe (posthumously)
2014 – Eleanor M. Fox
2017 – Hon. Paul A. Crotty
2021 – Steven Edwards

Justin Batten Award for Outstanding Service by a Young Lawyer

The NYSBA Antitrust Section’s Justin Batten Award for Outstanding Service by a Young Lawyer is presented to practitioners who have been admitted to practice for not more than eight years in recognition of their outstanding service and contributions to the Antitrust Section. The Justin Batten Service Award acknowledges young lawyers who early in their careers engage with the Antitrust Section’s committees and activities while showing great enthusiasm and leadership. The Justin Batten Service Award is presented every other year to the recipient by the Antitrust Section during the Antitrust Section’s annual dinner. The award is named after Justin Batten, a remarkable young antitrust lawyer who was taken from us too early.

2021 – Justin Batten (posthumously)



Hollis Salzman Women’s Leadership Fellowship – NEW!

The Hollis Salzman Women’s Leadership Fellowship has been established by the New York State Bar Association’s Antitrust Section to honor the memory of Hollis Salzman (1965-2020). Hollis was a pre-eminent antitrust attorney and long-term member of the NYSBA Antitrust Section, serving on its Executive Committee, and as Secretary, Vice Chair, and finally Chair of the Section in 2020.

The Fellowship is designed to support and promote women antitrust lawyers who are in the mid-stage of their careers and seeking to move to the next level. One Fellow will be selected annually to attend a high-level leadership program aimed at developing and enabling women lawyers to move to the next level of their careers.

2022 Fellowship
For 2022, the Section has chosen the Harvard Law School’s Women’s Leadership Initiative, which has held a seat in its 2022 in-person program for our Fellow. The Fellowship will cover course fees for the program, which includes tuition, course materials, accommodation, and most meals.

Application Deadline: November 15, 2021

Contact: Dana Alamia (Antitrust Section Liaison) [email protected]

Download Application Form (PDF)

Antitrust Law Section Diversity Fellowship

Learn about the Diversity Fellowship here:


NYSBA Antitrust Law Section Mentoring Program

The Antitrust Law Section is looking for mentors and mentees for its 2022 mentoring program!

  • Mentees should be law students or junior attorneys in their first 5 years of practice. Mentors should be attorneys with 6 or more years of experience.
  • Mentors will provide guidance, direction and advice to their mentees, including insight on how to get more involved with the Antitrust Law Section.
  • The program will kick-off in January 2022 and run through December 2022.

How do I sign up?
To receive the mentor/mentee questionnaire to allow us to match you, please email Dana Alamia at [email protected] 

Participation in the program is complimentary.

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