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Lawyer Referral Service

Need to find an attorney to take on your case? Our Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) team is here to help. When you call LRIS, you will be asked what county you are calling from and where in New York you would like to consult with an attorney. From there, the LRIS staff will ask you to describe your problem and will guide you towards the right resource for your situation, all under the strictest confidence. You can call our service at 800-342-3661 (M – F from 8 a.m. -12 p.m.) You can also request a referral online or summit a question to [email protected]

Pro Bono Services

The New York State Bar Association does not provide direct pro bono services to the public.

If you would like a referral to your local civil legal service organizations and resources please email [email protected] with your legal issue.

If you have a civil legal question, please visit the website for assistance.

Please note that our volunteer attorneys on the Free Legal Answers platform cannot provide representation and can only provide limited pro bono assistance.

Public Resources_Pro Bono Services
Public Resources_Law Youth and Citizenship

Law, Youth and Citizenship

The Law, Youth and Citizenship (LYC) Program was established in 1974 to promote civic and law-related education in New York’s public and private schools. The LYC Program has a long history of providing educational resources and programming to educators throughout New York. The LYC now focuses on supporting one of the largest high-school mock trial programs in the country, creating programming for educators through webinars and conferences, and monitoring state and federal legislation that could impact the New York educational system.

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