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New York State Bar Association Objects to Transfer of $55 Million Set Aside To Pay for Civil Legal Services For Low-Income New Yorkers

Richard Lewis, president of the New York State Bar Association, issued the following statement about a proposal in the state budget agreement that takes money away from low-income New Yorkers who need civil legal services: “The New York State Bar…
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burns award 24

New York State Bar Association Honors Human Rights Champion with Haywood Burns Award

The New York State Bar Association honored Remla Parthasarathy of the Empire Justice Center with its W. Haywood Burns Award. Named for the civil rights attorney who worked with Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King and rose to prominence as New…
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Eric Martinez

Why ChatGPT-4’s Score on the Bar Exam May Not Be So Impressive

One of the most celebrated moments of the artificial intelligence revolution was when ChatGPT’s developer OpenAI announced that the chatbot scored in the 90th percentile on the bar exam and completed the test in just six minutes. But was ChatGPT-4’s…
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From Jury Selection to Closing Arguments: New Lawyers Run the Gauntlet of Trial Academy 2024

On a sunny Saturday in April, 40 young attorneys, many fresh out of law school, are wandering around the Bar Center in Albany. They come from many backgrounds and regions of New York, looking wide-eyed, excited and ready to embark…
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Tricia Shevy, New York State Bar Association Trusts and Estates Law Section Chair

Trusts and Estates Law Section Chair Aims to Provide Members With Unique Programming

Patricia (Tricia) Shevy was always in the right place to become active within the New York State Bar Association. Afterall, she was raised in Watervliet, N.Y., a mere 10-minute drive from the Bar Center, although her journey to chair of…
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Does Copyright Protection Extend Beyond Original Works in an AI World?

We are living in a pre-“Matrix” world1 – the version before the super-powerful computer programs in the machine world take over, leaving the humans to live in a simulated reality. Artificial intelligence2 has already taken over the zeitgeist and soon your entire life. At…
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AI Shutterstock Image finger pointing to computer screen on blue background

New York State Bar Association Warns That AI Must Not Compromise Attorney-Client Privilege

The New York State Bar Association is advising lawyers to ensure that artificial Intelligence does not put attorney-client privilege at risk at a time of increasing security concerns about confidential information being disclosed by the technology. The report from the…
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President Richard Lewis and Ruth Bader Ginsburg Memorial Scholarship Winner Kristen Popham.

Global Human Rights Advocate Receives Ruth Bader Ginsburg Memorial Scholarship

The New York State Bar Association presented Kristen Popham, a champion of women and disability rights, with the Ruth Bader Ginsburg Memorial Scholarship during its House of Delegates meeting April 6 in Albany. Popham is a second-year student at Columbia…
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Richard Lewis

Report of President Richard Lewis to the House of Delegates of the New York State Bar Association – April 6, 2024

Dear Colleagues: During my term, we have taken significant steps toward addressing the practical concerns of our members and our profession. It has been a collaborative effort made possible by the unmatched professionalism and dedication of my colleagues, many of…
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Burden of Proof: Affirmation of Truth of Statement by ‘Any Person’

As many of us have heard by now, there has been a major amendment to CPLR 2106, Affirmation of truth of statement. Previously limited to lawyers, physicians, osteopaths or dentists, CPLR 2106 can now be used by “any person,” regardless…
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