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Manhattan District Attorney-Elect Alvin Bragg Talks Malcolm X, Ex-President Donald Trump and Mayor-Elect Eric Adams on New Episode of ‘Miranda Warnings’

The future of the investigation into the assassination of civil rights leader Malcolm X will be in the hands of Alvin Bragg, the first Black man elected to be Manhattan District Attorney’s office.
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Prosecutor Defends Decision To Charge Rittenhouse With Murder

If Assistant District Attorney Thomas Binger had it to do all over again, he thinks he would confront Kyle Rittenhouse with the images of Gaige Grosskreutz “with his arm nearly blown off” and video of Joseph Rosenbaum “gasping out his…
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A Court That Is All Business

A more hospitable and attractive environment for business litigation will encourage businesses to move to, or expand or maintain their presence in, New York State and will thereby improve the lives of all New Yorkers.
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Expungement of Cannabis_675

NYSBA Launches ‘Cannabis Institute’ To Educate Attorneys, Members of the Public on New Cannabis Law

The Institute will educate attorneys, policy makers, and members of the public on the implications and impact of the new law, touching on topics such as equity, labor law, social justice and more.
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Transgender Youth in Sports: Questions Remain Unresolved

The NYSBA Task Force has noted that these policies, including those across New York State, have resulted in no harm to the welfare of cisgender girls or women or any competitive disadvantage in girls’ or women’s sports.
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Are a Judge’s Social Media Posts Ethical?

While there is no rule explicitly prohibiting judges from using social media platforms such as YouTube, important ethical considerations arise when judges do so, and each scenario should be evaluated with respect to its unique circumstances.
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President-elect Candidate Statement

By Prioritizing Our Humanity, We Prioritize Our Profession

We must ensure that the most vulnerable among us aren’t forced to suffer dire consequences because no one was there to lend them a hand.
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COVID-19 What Cash-Strapped Businesses Need to Know_675x250

6 Ways Lawyers Can Minimize Outstanding Receivables

LawPay’s legal payments experts share practical tips to help your firm develop a strategy for tackling your aged accounts receivable.
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Why Allowing Transgender Youth To Participate In Sports Levels the Playing Field

Categorical bans against transgender youth who want to play sports benefit no one.
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Reversing the Malcolm X Convictions: How It Happened, How Far We’ve Come, How Far We Need To Go

The Malcolm X case has two of the features that pervade wrongful conviction cases: faulty identification procedures and police and prosecutorial misconduct.
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NYSBA Publications

NYSBA produces and releases a variety of publications that pertain to case law, procedural developments, practice management, and a host of other topics of interest to legal professionals. Learn more by selecting a publication below, and read the latest issue or browse the archives. Note: Some issues and archives require you to login to the site first to access.

NYSBA Journal November-December 2021

Bar Journal: November-December Edition

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State Bar News: Summer 2021 Edition

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CasePrep Plus

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New York State Law Digest: December 2021 Edition

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