Law Day 2021

In honor of Law Day this year, and the theme Advancing the Rule of Law, NYSBA asked a few students in New York what that means to them. Take a moment and hear what they had to say…

To correspond with Law Day, the New York Newspapers Foundation’s News Media Literacy/Newspaper In Education program has created resources highlighting case law and news events to help illustrate and explain the key principles of the rule of law.



Second Circuit Launches Website Supporting Civic Initiative  

A civic education effort for communities within the Second Circuit introduced a new website to help educate the public and participants about the program.  On January 25, 2017, Chief Judge Robert Katzmann and his co-chair, Southern District Judge Victor Marrero announced the launch of the Justice For All: Courts and the Community website: 

The initiative, organized by a circuit-wide Committee on Civic Education, includes programs for courthouse visits, civic ceremonies and student contests. There are re-enactments of famous, groundbreaking cases and educational materials and other efforts designed, Katzmann said, “to help increase points of contact between the courts and the communities we serve,” and to foster mutual understanding.  

The website contains a list of programs and a calendar of upcoming events, and gives visitors the chance to contact the committee with various topics or questions.  

New York Statewide Mock Trial Tournament

The 2021 Mock Trial Tournament Will be Held Virtually


These awards honor an attorney and an educator who have demonstrated excellence in law-related/civic education. 

The Attorney Distinguished Service Award is presented to an outstanding attorneyClick here for information on how to nominate an attorney. 

The Emil Zullo Distinguished Service Award is presented to an outstanding educator. Click here for information on how to nominate an educator.

2019 Award Recipients

Educator: Richard W. Bader, Capital Region Career and Technical School, Capital Region BOCES, Albany, NY


Attorney: Jay Worona, New York State School Boards Association, Latham, NY

Click here to see the Past Recipients of these awards.


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