Dues Waiver Program

The Dues Waiver Program is intended to help Members by providing assistance to attorneys whose financial circumstances are such that full payment of membership dues would pose a financial hardship. Situations which would merit a dues waiver include:

  • Unemployment or income constraints
  • Time out from practice for family or health reasons
  • Reduced income based upon extraordinary practice or business losses

Dues Waiver criteria:

  • Applicants must have been a member of NYSBA for 3 consecutive years prior to requesting a dues waiver.
  • Applicants whose adjusted gross annual income exceeds $75,000 USD will be considered ineligible for the dues waiver program
  • If the applicant is unemployed or underemployed, and their adjusted gross annual income is less than $75,000 USD, they may receive a reduction in annual dues
  • Applicants may receive dues waivers/reductions for no more than five total years over the course of their NYSBA membership.

A dues waiver request must be submitted prior to June 30th of the specific membership year one is wishing to join. If approved, an individual may receive a dues reduction of 25%-100% depending on their circumstances.