The practice of law will have to evolve as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. As attorneys adapt to practicing in whatever our new normal looks like over the course of the next year, it is more important than ever to get involved so you can have a voice in these integral changes. YLS is committed to bringing our members together through the use of technology in order to ensure that we are at the vanguard of this transformation, while providing the core programming, networking and professional development opportunities which the NYSBA is known for.

(Membership in the Young Lawyers Section is open only to law students and attorneys admitted 10 years or less)

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 Anne LaBarbera

Anne L. LaBarbera, Esq.

Anne L. LaBarbera of New York City is the new chair of the section. The principal attorney at Anne LaBarbera Professional Corporation, she concentrates her practice in entertainment law, media law and commercial law.

A six-year member of the association, LaBarbera most recently served as chair-elect of the section. She also is a member of the House of Delegates, as well as the Committee on Media Law and Commercial and Federal Litigation Section.

LaBarbera graduated from Michigan State University and earned her law degree from the University of Aberdeen.

Message from the Chair

It has been a year of forced change and reorganization. We are coming out of the worst of this pandemic that took us by surprise leaving us a forever changed profession. Some of these changes will be permanent and only time will tell on the road ahead.

NYSBA is poised for change and there is no better time to be involved. This is a unique opportunity to influence the direction of such change. As we emerge from isolation, fatigued from video conferencing and social disruption, I expect the role of NYSBA to be greater in my life for the coming year, not just because I take over the Young Lawyers Section Chair position this year but because I feel like my networking life has been in some ways brought back to where it was in 2015 when I was newly admitted and searching for colleagues.

As the Young Lawyers Section, we support each other in our first years of entry into the profession, moving from isolation felt as that new person in the room who is afraid she doesn’t even know enough to join the conversation, to the experienced attorney who gets all the inside jokes.

In 2015 I at first felt intimidated by NYSBA, a revered organization with history and prestige, full of experienced attorneys I was sure might not have time to support a newbie. My fears were compounded by the fact that as a 40 something newly admitted attorney, I was not even sure that I was eligible for participation in the Young Lawyers Section. After attending just one NYSBA event I found out what many of you are soon to learn. This is an organization for everyone made up of attorneys from all walks of life. The predominant culture of the organization that stands out for me is an absolute willingness to support each other in career development.

Thinking of my experience as an older young lawyer my thoughts turn to diversity. At NYSBA, young lawyers are defined as lawyers in their first ten years of practice regardless of age. We actively seek the participation of young lawyers of all ages.

Statistics show that the young lawyers reflect the same diversity as the legal profession but we are not satisfied to stop there. Young lawyers are uniquely connected to law students and those considering pursuing a career in law. We want to increase diversity so our Section matches the diversity of society at large. This is an ambitious goal because the only practical way to do this is to influence the profession itself to become more diverse.

Any long journey starts with the first step and every step thereafter takes us closer to the goal. As we emerge from social isolation and start to build or rebuild our social networks, as the case may be, please join the Young Lawyers Section in our journey to influence the future of the profession by getting actively involved at NYSBA. We are planning some exciting things this year to repair what has been disrupted by the pandemic. Let’s do this together.

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The Young Lawyers Section print newsletter (Perspective) is published by the Young Lawyers Section and distributed to Section Members free of charge. Perspective features substantive legal articles on current issues in all areas of practice, offers more in-depth treatment of professional development, career and networking topics, and provides a forum for expressing opinions and/or commentary on issues affecting young lawyers.

Perspective encourages article submissions on topics of interest to members of the Section. Writing an article for a NYSBA Section publication is a great way to get your name out in the legal community and advertise your knowledge. Our authors are respected state-wide for their legal expertise, and have written articles on such topics as mentoring; balancing job and family; young lawyers in a down economy; and ethics.

Author Guidelines

NYSBA has created comprehensive author guidelines, with information regarding our reprint policy, style guidelines, and obtaining MCLE Author Credits.


The Young Lawyers Section each year honors a young lawyer who has rendered outstanding service to both the community and legal profession. The Outstanding Young Lawyer Award recognizes an attorney who has actively practiced less than 10 years, and has a distinguished record of commitment to the finest traditions of the Bar through public service and professional activities.

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