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Ethics Opinion 1196

Topic: Litigation Financing, Conflicts of Interest.
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Ethics Opinion 1195

Topic: Attorney’s obligation to accept client files from prior law firm.
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Ethics Opinion 1194

Topic: Confidentiality of Information; Conduct before a Tribunal; Withdrawal
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Ethics Opinion 1192

Topic: Retention and disposition of lawyer’s closed files
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Gavel and Scales

Ethics Opinion 1193

Topic: Law firm name
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Gavel and Law Books

Ethics Opinion 1191

Topic: Duty to Municipal Organization; Conflicts of Interest
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Ethics Opinion 1190

Topic: Professional limited liability company to provide legal services with non-lawyer members
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Scales of justice and Gavel on wooden table and Lawyer or Judge working with agreement in Courtroom, Justice and Law concept

Ethics Opinion 1189

Topic: Obtaining and using alternate client contact information
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Ethics Opinion 1188

Topic: Attorney Trust Accounts; Deposit of Estate Funds in Attorney Trust Accounts
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Ethics Opinion 1187

Topic: Police officer representing traffic court defendants
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