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Success and got profit from business with hundred us dollars banknote on white background

Ethics Opinion 1245

Topic: Legal Fees, Minimum Fees, Nonrefundable Fees Digest: A lawyer may charge a minimum fee to provide a defined legal service provided (a) the service is performed as agreed; (b) the engagement letter provides in plain language how the minimum…
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Using Experts in Shareholder_675

Ethics Opinion 1244

Topic: Referral fees paid to retired lawyers Digest: A retired lawyer may receive a referral fee as long as the retiree maintains joint responsibility for the referred matter. Rules: 1.5, 5.1, 5.4 FACTS: The inquirer was a sole New York lawyer…
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Ethics Opinion 1243

Topic: Public Defender; Part-Time Judge; Conflict of Interest Digest: A part-time assistant public defender whose law partner is a part-time town court judge is precluded from representing clients of the public defender’s office in the town court where the part-time…
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Close up african businessman shaking hands with client

Ethics Opinion 1242

Topic: Conflicts; Town Attorney Digest: A town attorney is prohibited from representing a private client before boards of a neighboring town with respect to zoning and land use matters if the town attorney has conflicting personal interests, unless the conflict…
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Ethics Opinion 1241

Topic: New York attorney with out-of-state office; attorney advertising and letterhead Digest: A lawyer who is admitted to practice in both New York and Florida, but whose only physical office is in Florida, may state on the letterhead of his…
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Opinion 1240- Secure Smartphone

Ethics Opinion 1240

Topic: Duty to protect client information stored on a lawyer’s smartphone Digest: If “contacts” on a lawyer’s smartphone include any client whose identity or other information is confidential under Rule 1.6, then the lawyer may not consent to share contacts…
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Hard drive Ethics Opinion

Ethics Opinion 1239

Topic: An Attorney’s Ethical Obligation When a Court Orders Forensic Analysis of Hard Drive Containing Client Confidential Information Digest: An attorney in receipt of a court order directing production of his hard drive containing the confidential information of clients who…
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Employees dispute accusing colleague during company meeting

Ethics Opinion 1238

Topic: Conflict of interest; full-time attorney in county attorney’s office with part-time outside practice Digest: A full-time lawyer in a county attorney’s office who represents the county in civil litigation in state and federal courts may represent private clients in…
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Ethics Opinion 1237

Topic: Conflict of interest and referral fees; serving as lawyer on a real estate transaction referred by real estate broker associated with lawyer’s real estate agency Digest: A lawyer may not accept the referral of real estate closings from a…
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Advanced Commercial Mediation_675

Ethics Opinion 1236

Topic: Divorce mediation, limited scope legal services, non-resident lawyers, ghostwriting Digest: A New York lawyer may perform divorce mediation services for New York clients from his office in another state, provided that he makes effective disclosure of the differences in…
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