Category: Ethics Opinions

Ethics Opinion 1184

Opinion 1184 (03/10/2020) Topic: Freelance or per diem attorney; trade names; maintenance of bank accounts and records conflicts Digest: A New York attorney seeking to market services as a “freelance attorney” to provide contract or per diem services to other attorneys or law firms may use the name and domain name Surname Esquire. Depending on … Continued

Ethics Opinion 1183

Opinion 1183 (03/10/2020) Topic:  Designated counsel in financing transactions; payment of fees by a third party; exercise of independent judgment; conflicts of interest  Digest:  A lawyer may accept appointments as designated counsel for underwriters, lenders or other funding sources involved in private equity or corporate financing transactions on the recommendation of the counter-party to the … Continued


New York State Bar Association Committee on Professional Ethics Opinion 1182 (01/23/2020) Topic:  Disposition of Wills Digest:  A lawyer may not dispose of wills even when the testators’ locations and/or circumstances are unknown.  A lawyer must safeguard the wills indefinitely unless the law provides an alternative. Rules:  1.15(c) FACTS 1. The inquiring lawyer is in … Continued


New York State Bar Association Committee on Professional Ethics Opinion 1181 (01/17/2020) Topic: Charging interest on expenses Digest:  A New York contingency-fee attorney may impose an interest charge on unpaid disbursements if a written agreement signed by the client fully discloses the terms on which interest may be charged and the terms are reasonable. FACTS … Continued


NEW YORK STATE BAR ASSOCIATION Committee on Professional Ethics Opinion 1180 (01/17/2020) Topic: Professional letterheads and emails Digest: An attorney may communicate with third parties on a client’s behalf using a client’s email address with a signature line that includes the client’s logo and a title indicating that the inquirer is “Corporate Counsel and Chief … Continued


New York State Bar Association Committee on Professional EthicsOpinion 1179 (01/17/2020) Topic: Conducting law practice under a trade name Digest:  A New York attorney may not practice in New York under a trade name in New York, even when the attorney’s office is a branch of an out-of-state law firm that is permitted to practice … Continued