Author: Alexandre Petraglia

Ethics Opinions 1221

Topic: Lawyer reaching out to former clients Digest: A lawyer who has changed law firms may contact clients she represented for estate planning purposes at her previous firm, may inform or remind these former clients that she has joined a new firm, and may offer to review their estate planning. Such communications are not advertisements … Continued

Ethics Opinions 1220

Topic: Falsely advertising a partnership among law firms Digest: Separate and independent law firms may not form a PLLC and advertise themselves as members of “ABC Law Group PLLC” because (i) the name would be a false, deceptive or misleading trade name, (ii) the name would be misleading as to the identity of the lawyers … Continued

Ethics Opinions 1219

Topic: Part-time county attorney, parole violation hearings, conflicts. Digest: A part-time assistant County Attorney whose office does not handle criminal prosecutions can generally represent defendants in State parole violation hearings. A conflict may arise in particular cases, such as where the defendant is adverse to the County Attorney’s office in other proceedings or where County … Continued