Author: Alexandre Petraglia

Ethics Opinions 1214

Topic: Frivolous arguments to a court; withdrawal. Digest: A lawyer is ethically prohibited from presenting a frivolous argument to a court. If the lawyer cannot find a non-frivolous basis on which to proceed with a client’s motion and the client persists on putting before the court arguments the lawyer believes to be frivolous, the lawyer … Continued

Ethics Opinions 1213

Topic: Lawyer paying for recommendation Digest: A lawyer may not participate in an internet lawyer-client matching service that vouches for the lawyer’s credentials, competence and effectiveness, and recommends the lawyer as the “best lawyer” for the needs of the potential client. Rules: 5.4(a), 7.1(a), 7.2(a) FACTS: 1. The inquirer is a lawyer who wishes to … Continued

Ethics Opinions 1212

Topic: Public Defender’s Obligation as to Closed Files and Transfer of Files upon De-Funding of Program Digest: Absent the client’s informed consent, a public defender may not deliver open or closed client files to the assigned counsel program. Rather, the public defender’s office must facilitate the transfer of open client matters to the client or … Continued