Author: Alexandre Petraglia

Ethics Opinion 1250

Topic: Multi-jurisdictional practice; partnership with non-United States lawyers; imputation of conflicts Digest: The New York Rules of Professional Conduct (the “Rules”) govern the conduct of an attorney admitted to practice only in New York who partners with a non-United States law firm. Whether the Rules permit a New York lawyer to form a partnership with … Continued

Ethics Opinion 1249

Topic: Confidentiality; joint clients; return of clients’ files when there has been joint representation Digest: In a joint representation, there is a presumption that the lawyer will share confidential information received from each co-client with the other co-client, but that presumption does not extend to confidential information the lawyer received prior to the inception of … Continued

Ethics Opinion 1248

Topic: Dispute over credit card payment for legal services. Digest: If a client disputes a credit card payment of legal fees by requesting a chargeback, the lawyer may dispute the chargeback by providing information to the credit card provider about the services rendered, including the disclosure of the retainer agreement and client invoices if (a) … Continued

Ethics Opinion 1247

Topic: Conflict of interest in representing county and serving subpoenas on county departments. Digest: A lawyer who represents certain separate County Departments in diverse matters as an independent contractor for the County Attorney may request and serve subpoenas for documents and witnesses upon a County Department for which he does not perform legal services and … Continued