Emil Zullo Distinguished Service Award Educators

The Law, Youth and Citizenship Program of the New York State Bar Association is accepting nominations for the Law-Related Education Distinguished Service Award for an outstanding EDUCATOR.


To recognize the New York EDUCATOR who has made an outstanding contribution to law-related education (LRE) and whose programs have

  1. Fostered understanding of the values of our legal and judicial systems.
  2. Informed and educated students as to the roles in society of the law, the courts, the law enforcement agencies and the legal profession.
  3. Stimulated a deeper sense of individual responsibility; instructed students to recognize responsibility and instructed students to recognize their duties, as well as their rights.
  4. Encouraged effective law-related education programs in their communities and in their schools; and
  5. Increased communication and understanding among students, educators and those involved professionally in the legal system.


Any K-12 public or non-public school educator in the State of New York who has:

  1. Been active in LRE for at least three years.
  2. Participated in the development of materials and programs, or made other important contributions that have an impact on students and others and that are recognized at the local and state levels.
  3. Voluntarily given his/her time and resources in support of LRE, such as serving on planning committees, reviewing materials and programs and responding to requests for assistance; and
  4. Not previously received this award.


  1. All entries must be submitted in typed format.
  2. Entries may be submitted by applicant or by nomination.
  3. One original copy of information is required per nominee.
  4. Each application must include the following:

• Cover letter
• Resume of applicant (maximum of one page)
• Summary of LRE activities (maximum of one page)
• Letters of support (maximum of 3, may be handwritten or typed). Letters of support should include educators, students and community resource persons.
• Include documentary materials such as newspaper articles, teaching outline, examples of resource materials utilized, pictures of events and/or a bibliography of law-related educational materials developed by applicant. No videotapes please.

Deadline: August 1
Presented at the Law, Youth and Citizenship Annual Civics and Law-Related Education Conference
Award: Plaque with inscription

Submit nomination to:

Stacey Whiteley

[email protected]